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UFC 100 - Supercard?

Bored on a Tuesday afternoon but was thinking Dana should hold a Supercard for UFC 100…

Mir vs Lesnar
St. Pierre vs Alves
Penn vs Florian
Hendo vs Bisping
Marquardt vs Meia

3 Belts on the line and then the winner of Marquardt/Meia gets the Spider (presuming he beats Leites).

Charge $89.95 for the PPV and make out like a bandit!

now that sounds like a great card…

and 90 bucks isnt that bad compared to the 50 you pay for crappy fights lol

and if not just get some buddies over an have each pitch in…just grub an drink some brewskies haha

a lil side bets are great too

That would be an awesome card but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Mir says he wants to fight at 100 but Dana has said “sometime in the summer” and penn says he needs till later in the summer to get over his beatdown.

I think/hope they will still make UFC 100 a sick card and i still think/hope St. Pierre/Alves headlines it.