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UFC 100 / Jon 'Bones' Jones


surprised no one has already posted the card with all the Lesnar talk but here we go . . .

Main card
Heavyweight Championship bout: Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Interim Champion Frank Mir
Welterweight Championship bout: Georges St-Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
Middleweight bout: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping
Welterweight bout: Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago
Middleweight bout: Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher

Preliminary card
Light Heavyweight bout: Mark Coleman vs. Stephan Bonnar
Lightweight bout: Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller
Welterweight bout: Dong Hyun Kim vs. TJ Grant
Light Heavyweight bout: Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien
Middleweight bout: C.B. Dollaway vs. Tom Lawlor
Lightweight bout: Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty

I have to say the fight I really want to see is Jon Jones vs Jake O'Brien. This kid (Jones) can fire off from angles like I've never seen in a rookie. I really hope he's for real, if so he's going to be a nice edition to the divison.

Oh and as far as my picks

Mir (I know, I know, but I'm sticking with him)
Bisping (still don't like him, but I'm picking him)


I have:

Brock (TKO round 1)



O'Brien - no comments please


Sorry Hickey but I just can't NOT comment on your pick of O'Brien. The guys not bad, but he's NOT going to beat Jones. I don't know what he's thinking, but Jones is going to tear through him, and with some more experience and continued training, probably a lot of the 205lb division.

I'm going to have to say:

not cause it seems logical, but because I that's what I want to happen.)

(I just can't see GSP taking Alves down in the first two, maybe three, rounds... which might put GSP in some trouble)

(although I have this feeling that I'll be surprised, maybe bisping can make it to a decision... in which case we know who it will go to)

(I don't think he's going to get caught like Koscheck)

(I like belcher, but I don't see this being a good fight for him)

(Coleman is just TOO old)


(boring decision, or possibly submission. Although I know nothing of his opponent)


(although I hope his ass loses!)


Brock (Mir really only has once chance of winning and I doubt that Brock is going to be so "green" as to not recognize a leg lock again)

GSP (Alves is a monster, but GSP always comes with a good game plan and unlike Koscheck he'll likely set-up his takedowns instead of just diving in and be able to take alves down within at least the first two rounds. From there on out it's gonna be a rough go of it for Thiago).

Hendo (Just don't really see any skill set that Bisping possesses that's going to give Hendo problems)

Fitch (Fitch is a beast and has an iron chin, just don't see how Thiago is going to beat him)

Akiyama (just don't think Belcher matches up that well with him)

Bonner (I agree Coleman is well past his winning days)






Jones tends to take risks and try crazy shit. Eventually it's going to backfire. I think O'Brien may end up being decent at 205. He's only been beat by Arlovski and Velasquez.

Bisbing is pretty good at running away, I mean backing up and counter punching. He could very well win a decision like he did against Leben.

Belcher just doesn't seem that consistant. Although I will say that a lot of Japanese fighters look good until they enter the UFC.

I hope this doesn't end up being televised

(boring decision, or possibly submission. Although I know nothing of his opponent)
I think we'll see a submission

Agreed. For some reason I just don't like Dolloway.


(I think it will end early by TKO, if not he'll just bully Mir.)

(I think this is going to be a night where raw power beats technical fighters. Alves is a bull and looks to be in terrific shape. I know this doesn't mean he is a better fighter but I think his strength will give him the W over GSP.)

(Better at everything than Bisping IMO. On top of that, Fuck Bisping.)



(Tough dude, as Forrest Griffin says too stupid to quit. Coleman is too old and not good enough on his feet.)

Jon Jones
(Think it will be a better fight than most are predicting but Jones is the better fighter.)


Yeah I have to agree about Dolloway.

About Jake... I don't know. I mean I haven't watched his fights in a while, but from what I remember of him, he was a good wrestler, and that was about it. Maybe he's improved, maybe he's got a good plan, maybe he'll get lucky. But I have to say this, Jones (while flashy) just surpasses O'Brien in my eyes. I see him as being a better wrestler (I think they wrestle different styles, but I don't know a lot about wrestling), for sure a much better striker, and I don't see Jake possessing all that much power in his hands. But like I said, I could be wrong.


My picks:
Mir, by some kind of choke
Alves, by KO
Bisping, Henderson has been in too many wars
Angry Johnny


Therizza's picks

Mir- picking him just to see what happens you know?
GSP- he's the Canadian Terminator! nuff said
Hendo-he's my boy
Fitch-he's my boy too
Belcher- he's got "talent"... lol


I'm probably gonna start an Akiyama thread tomorrow because I'm bored... but in the mean time I think he's gonna woop Belcher. Some of Akiyama's biggest wins have been against big strikers (ie Manhoef). I'm really excited to see him in UFC.


I'ma go with

Mir (I hate lesnar, he had no business getting a title shot, he just like hong-man-choi. He can't fight for shit, he just uses his power to beat his opponents. Mir's beaten him before, I hope he beats him again. Otherwise, where's fedor?

Hendo, I just don't thing Bisping is on the same epicness level as the hendo


Forgot to put my prelim picks

Jon Jones - obviuosly


Main card
Mir and i dont care who dosnt like it
GSP because the guy is a fucking freak, Alves is no joke but GSP has mutant strength
Henderson because im an american and its too close to call
Thiago ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekuQwnw0-HM watch 0:42 )
Akiyama anyone else see him end a fight with a spinning body kick?

Preliminary card
Stephan Bonnar reminds me of an young uglier Guida, too tough to quit
Mac Danzig has some pretty nasty hands
Welterweight bout: Dong Hyun Kim vs. TJ Grant (no clue)
Jon Jones
CB is a well rounded fighter
Lightweight bout: Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty (no clue)


less than two weeks, get your bets in now.

Does anyone here do the fantasy league play?


Here's a good hype interview that T posters might like. Frank Mir says he'd "blow Brock out of the water" in a squatting/deadlift contest.


Ok, who is watching the countdown shows? I'm liking the order so far.


Main card
Heavyweight Championship bout: Mir by KO/TKO
Welterweight Championship bout: Alves by KO/TKO
Middleweight bout: Bisping by close decision
Welterweight bout: Fitch by Sub
Middleweight bout: Akiyama by Sub

Preliminary card
Light Heavyweight bout: Bonnar by KO/TKO
Lightweight bout: Jim Miller by Decision
Welterweight bout: Grant by Sub
Light Heavyweight bout: Jones KO
Middleweight bout: Dolloway TKO/KO
Lightweight bout: Grice Decision


WTF hahahaha. What the hell is wrong with Frank Mir? I really hope he does not think this is really what Brock is going to be like. A big retard standing in front of him not knowing what to do, completely confused by the chaos Mir is causing by his speed. LOL.

Also, I don't know much about Mir's lifts but if he can actually squat more than 675 lbs, I will be fucking impressed. Cause that is a hell of a lot of weight for ANYONE.

BTW I do like Mir a lot. But I am just shocked by what he is saying in this interview. If he really thinks this is what is going to happen, he is in for a very short night.
Brock has been training for 2 years each and everyday. He is not going to be standing there thinking: oh, thats a kimora. Oh thats a right hand. WTF haha.

I think Mike Tyson's quote is going to be very relevant to this fight: Everyone has a plan till they get hit.


Everything Mir says has two purposes. Fight promotion and self actualization. The bigger the PPV numbers and hype, the bigger the payday for this and subsequent fights. He also appears to be talking himself into believing he can win by something other than a submission.

I wouldn't be shocked if he could squat or DL quite a bit. He's pretty thick through the ass and legs. I don't think it would be all that tough for a few of the HWs to top Brocks gym lifts. From what I've seen, his workouts are far from a PLing structure. Topping his mat strength is probably much harder to do.