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UFC 100-101

As excited as I am about UFC 100, I am much more excited about UFC 101. The fights are just much more intriguing to me.

Will Anderson Silva dominate Griffin like he does others in his own weight class? I believe so. I think Griffin is a little over-rated. He has a cool personality and a big heart. But I don’t think he will ever hold another belt again. He is good enough to be a top light heavy weight fighter, but he is not one of the best for sure.

Griffin beat Jackson because Jackson got over-confident. Not because Griffin has the skill set to beat Jackson. I am almost certain Griffin will get TKO’d by Anderson Silva. He will be outclassed in striking and his chin is not that great. None the less, it will be interesting to watch Anderson Silva display his skill set.

Kenny Florian and BJ Penn is really the fight I am most excited about this summer. Kenny Florian just looked exceptional in his last fight. His striking and JJitsu was off the charts. He handled Joe Daddy like he was his daddy lol. BJ Penn is good, but I believe Ken Flo is better and he will prove it come fight time. I am not sure whether he will be able to finish BJ Penn. But I am confident it will be a convincing win even if it goes to decision. BJ will get dominated. This is Ken Flo’s time.

UFC 100 is exciting because there are 3 main events, but I think there is more hype surrounding them than they deserve from a technical stand point.

Brock Lesnar will defeat Frank Mir fairly easily. I can’t believe people are even debating this. Mir was a vet when he fought Brock the first time and was getting dominated. What makes anyone think that this time around when Brock is even better, Mir has a chance. It will be fun to watch, but there really is nothing more than hype to this fight. Brock will win in a convincing manner. However, it will be fun to watch how far Brock has come in his standup.

GSP and Alves is also over-hyped. Fitch was a bigger challenge to him than Alves is. It is a good matchup, but not the hardest he has faced up to date. Fitch was the hardest. GSP will beat Alves via TKO quite easily. This fight will be fun to watch because if GSP completely dominates Alves, we know what’s next: GSP V. Silva. And that alone makes this fight worth watching. Can GSP defeat him so convincingly that D. White and Co. have no choice but to offer Silva - GSP at the post fight press conferece. Hell Yeah!

Dan Henderson and Micahel Bisping is probably the fight most likely to go either way. Dan Henderson completely out classes Bisping in terms of skill. Bisping like Griffin, is a top light heavy weight, but definitely not one of the best. He will most likely never hold a belt unless someone gets over confident and overlooks him. The question about this fight is: does Hendo still have another fight in him? That is all. It’s not a matter of who is better. But whether Hendo’s body still has it.

That’s it for my Monday afternoon ramble. Man I am so pumped for these fights. I just wish they started coming out with some hype videos already. There is just not enough stuff out there to keep my mind occupied. There are three different main events and its UFC 100. None of them is being hyped like GSP - Penn II was. And there was hardly a question of who would win that fight.

ok don’t take this the wrong way but . . “hardly a question.” I am the biggest GSP fan you will meet. And even I had concerns on that one.

Jut like I have concerns about Thiago, because plain and simple Thiago hits harder. Fitch has a great chin, GSP has a good chin. Difference.

And you are entitled to you opinion about Brock. But in all fairness Mir is a vet for a reason. not to mention Brock is older than Mir. But I’m not going to be blind to the fact that Brock can beat Mir, but easily is a bit of a stretch.

Honestly aside from GSP the only fighter I’m interested in seeing is Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. But before going further I’ll just bump the earlier threads on this.

I know what you are saying, and I too was worried, but only AFTER I started following the hype. Initially I knew GSP would win. It was an easy call. He’s fighting in his natural weight class, he is the best in his weight class, he is a much better wrestler than BJ, has a blackbelt in JJitsu, is very athletic and explosive. Has a legit camp, not sparring with buddies. Plus, even if Penn was light years ahead of GSP in striking, it didn’t matter. Look what happeend in Kongo - Cain. Wrestling is very fundamental in MMA.

But like I said, I got caught up too. And I started thinking, oh man, PENN is walking under water with rocks lol. GSP is in trboule. And they continuously kept showing their last fight, when GSP was completely raw. But when the fight happened, it was no competition. It was almost an unfair fight. GSP was crossing his guard like he was fighting someone who didn’t know JJitsu. There was too much of a size and strength disadvantage and skills were comparable. If you think about it without listening to all the hype surrounding PENN and how he could play in NBA if he wanted, and how he is the P4P best fighter in the world, it was a no brainer. It was an unfair fight for him and he needed a miracle to win.

As for Alves, I agree. He doesn’t just hit hard, he hits very hard. And I also think he is the best welterweight in line for a title shot right now. However, his striking will be of little value in this competition I feel. GSP has good enough stand up to defend his striking and counter and get a take down - assuming that Alves is the better striker. From there, it will be GSP’s fight on the ground.

My whole point of the post was, that while these fights will be fun to watch, the match ups are not as close as they are HYPED up to be. In both cases, Brock and GSP, are huge favorites. Things not only need to go in Mir-Alves’s favor, but Brock and GSP really need to also mess up, in order to win these fights.

When I say easily, I don’t mean that they can be overlooked and won. By easy, I mean how GSP beat Penn. Coming at full potential, they will be far superior than their opponents.

But of course, these are my opinions. We will have to wait and see what happens.

fair enough.

I can’t say I was impressed by the under water training. But BJ is just a freak. If only he would JUST TRAIN CORRECTLY!

I’m not even his fan and it annoys me. So much raw talent. I was hearing stories about this guy when he was just doing BJJ.

All the same the fights will be fun to watch. I’m actually considering playing the fantasy game just for the heck of it. Have you tried it? I’m trying to get feedback.

later Brock-lover ; )

Fantasy game? I have no idea what that is.

Brock lover lol

I think BJ shows up in shape and handles Kenflo easy. This fight goes where BJ wants it, warranted he is in shape. If GSP and Matt Hughes have a hard time taking BJ down, Kenny’s going to have a hell of a time trying, and I just don’t see his striking being better than BJ’s. I think they should call it UFC 101 RETURN OF THE PRODIGY.

I think Kenny is a little overrated, the best wrestler he’s faced was Joe Daddy who was far from being at his best. I think Edgar, Maynard, Sanchez, Sherk really anyone who can wrestle and avoid subs can beat him. Sure he’s faced good competition but none who use really good wrestling. I think Griffin is legit, he beat Page, and was beating Rashad until he got caught, I really think he would beat sugarnips in a rematch. However I think Silva is just too good.

I could really not care anyless about Lesnar vs. Mir imo Shane Carwin takes both. Alves, GSP, I really hope Alves wins, I really cannot stand GSP. Oh and Michael Bisping is a Middleweight not a Light Heavy and he sucks at both weights. WE all know won the Hamill fight, and Dan Henderson is just a better version of Hamill with nasty power in his hands and better wrestling credentials.

Yeah Bisping is a middle weight. My bad.

woo drewh comes out swinging, but lets be fair.

Old BJ would handle KenFlo easily. New BJ can just beat KenFlo. Now granted, I’m so prejudiced for Sityodtong it’s ridiculous but . . . BJ took damage in that GSP fight. So much so, he has been quoted to have said he still doesn’t remember the last round of the fight.

Now granted BJ can strike, but so can KenFlo (Sityodtong prejudice admitted again) and he gets better everytime. Now ground game, hey it’s BJ you’d have to be brain damaged to count him out, but KenFlo is no slouch either. In my opinion he’s earned every bit of cred he’s got, just like BJ.

Now Griffin is legit, but he’s not going to beat Rashad. Like him or not he took a flurry from Forrest, realized Forrest couldn’t knock him out and then finished him. Watch the fight again. Rashad is cautious of Forrest until he takes those shots, then he knows he has it. Just like Rampage has Chuck’s number, Rashad has Forrest’s.

Bisping in my opinion is just annoying. But my money is on him pulling a decision over Hendo. And you have no idea how much I dislike saying that.

Oh and greenhopper.

The fantasy league is put on by UFC. You log in and pick who you think will win, what round, and how they will win (sub/TKO/KO).

Couple of my friends do it, and I’m thinking about joining in. I was just asking around for other opinions on the set up.

Yeah drewh did come out swinging lol, but he has an interesting perspective.

While Barachiel has a bias, I don’t. To be honest, I did not like Florian before. He used to rub me the wrong way for some reason and I thought he was a so-so fighter. So what I say is based on nothing other than what I have seen. After his last performance, I don’t know how you can say he is over-rated. Florian is NOTHING like he was before. I can’t say for his take down ability because we have not seen it yet, but I am so confident of his striking that I am willing to say he will get the better of the striking and it will be BJ who wants to take him down. Bj is an excellent boxer, and most probably better than Florian, but striking in MMA is kick boxing. Kenny will mix up kicks, punches, elbows and knees and outstrike him. If BJ is getting the better of the punches, he will keep him in kicking range, utilizing footwork. Bj will be the one wanting to take him down.

Also, considering they are both black belts, I really doubt either of them will be able to submit the other. That is my prediction. Kenny by TKO or Kenny by decision. But a decisive victory none the less.

I also beg to differ on the “old bj would handle kenflo easily” statement. I am shocked at this blasphemy Barachiel! LOL. BJ is definitely a little washed up: he has taken a lot of beating over years from training and competing. But you are not giving KenFlo enough credit. I do agree, a younger, fresher, hungrier BJ might have had a better chance at beating Florian. But not this BJ. This will be lopsided.

Damn I didn’t realize I was so obsessed with Florian. I guess the MMA live exposure is beginning to rub off on me. Oh well.

As for Griffin and Rashad, I won’t argue either way. I always thought Rashad was over-rated also. The biggest win he ever got was beating an out of prime Chuck Liddell. I think he is a top light heavy, but definitely not the best and I am confident he will never hold a belt again. He is just not that good. It just worked out for both him and Griffin that Rampage over looked Griffin (who is at the same level as Rashad), and then Rashad was able to fight soemone in his league for the belt. I think it will become obvious in the Rampage-Evan’s fight what Evan’s true abilities are. He will be outclassed.

Griffin and Rashad are both second tier of the top light heavy weight fighters. Not to be confused with second tier light heavy weights. They are second tier of the TOP light heavy weights. Which means, they are at the top of the division, but not one of the best. These are the types who are always competitive, will get multiple title shots, fight all the top fighters in their division, but never hold a belt unless they get over-looked or lucky. Matt Sera and Keith Jardine are good examples along with Bisping, Griffin, Evans.
Again, this is my opinion. You do not have to agree.

As for Carwin taking Brock easily: not so sure, although that would be a great fight to watch. Both would pose a serious threat to the other. Carwin hits hard, but so does Brock (remember a 250 lb Heath Herring rolling across the octagon?). Carwin is obviously more precise than Brock in his striking, he seems to land shots right on the button and he has more of a snap. This is a fight I look forward to debating soon, as Carwin is who will get the next title shot after Mir. But as of now, all I can say is you are way under-estimating Brock Lesnar.

I already said what I thought about Brock-Mir in the other thread.

I think Penn wins. We have seen what Penn can do when in shape I think he’ll come ready to go.

Now some would consider me a Forrest Fanboy, but I think Forrest can win this fight. Silva has been lackluster lately. Griffin is a tough dude. No matter what happens I think it will be a great fight. Forrest has been counted out quite often - Shogun, Rampage off the top of my head - and is always competitive when he fights. You can say what you want about Shogun not being in shape or Rampage overlooking him, he won. I don’t think Rampage was underestimating him after Forrest kicked the crap out of his lead leg. Even after that Forrest let that strategy go by the wayside and still beat Page. He could have continued to kick that leg and done serious damage. I think he performs best as the underdog. He will not be dominated.

As much as I would like Forrest to do well against Silva (I think he’s a dick), I think his chin won’t let him win or even be competitive. Silva’s strikes are too precise, and Griffin can’t eat shots unfortunately.

[quote]greenhopper wrote:
As much as I would like Forrest to do well against Silva (I think he’s a dick), I think his chin won’t let him win or even be competitive. Silva’s strikes are too precise, and Griffin can’t eat shots unfortunately.[/quote]

Forrest can’t eat shots? That’s what he was known for before switching things up after Jardine.

Yeah thats my take on him. He has a lot of heart, but not a great chin.