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  • I have no affiliation with this company.

I was sent some information from the training director and asked to give my opinion on this training company. First, these videos are slick and well done, really appealing to the “Alpha” in each of us. I am very suspicious of this type of marketing.

I recognize some of the moves from my Kali training, some of the moves from SF training, and some moves from numerous “practical street instructors” that I been fortunate enough to train with.

Sento with your background, I would appreciate your imput and please, the rest of the regulars chime in. Thank you.

There are people in masks against call of duty style backgrounds…

I’ve seen dance routines with less choreography. Does it make me want to visit their website? Not really. Unless I can purchase some of those camo pants.

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Agreed, reminded me of a scene from a Jason Bourne movie. I picked up on several stupid moves, especially the handcuffing. Based on my personal experience, only God could pull off that move on a resisting suspect. Anyway, something different to talk about.

The cuffing was one of the first things that jumped out at me. I actually laughed out loud. Cuffing a resistant subject usually looks like a monkey humping a football, not ballet.

I also didn’t like the emphasis on disarms in the knife defense stuff. In my mind disarms are incidental to controlling the arm and smashing the guy with your knees and head.

It sure looks cool and there are a few legit techniques in there amongst all the Bourne-esque flash. I liked a couple of the sequences where they were fighting while managing long guns. I can see value in that. All in all, more sizzle than steak, IMO.

My old judo trainer, who has been in wars and knows a thing or two about hand to hand combat, used a simple test for all those “cold weapon fighting techniques” people claimed to master on a Krav Maga course or whatnot.

The alleged “master” puts on a long-sleeved shirt while the attacker takes a wooden knife (we used those for practicing katas) and rubs red lipstick or a crushed crayon onto the blade.

If the “master” is succesful, the shirt should remain spotless after the knife attack. I’ve seen many allegedly succesful knife defense techniques end up with streaked shirts.

Pretty much brings home the effect of cold weapons on hand to hand combat.

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This sounds good in theory and I appreciate the intent. However, I submit that in a commited, unscripted, continuous attack from an able bodied assailant the likelihood of a spotless shirt is fairly remote. Even more remote if the attacker is even moderately skilled.

Not to say that it’s impossible, just seems to me an unrealistic measure of success. A survivable amount of marking on the shirt is a success when faced with that kind of an attack, IMHO.

Been through that drill many times when I was training in Kali, it will indeed, tell you actually where you are. Good to see you over here on the Combat Forum. Be safe.