Hey guys—-I’ve been using Udo’s Choice Perfected Oil Blend (which I’m
sure some of you use). I noticed that he also has other Udo’s stuff–like
Beyond Greens,Digestive Enzyme Blend, Wholesome Fast Food Blend,
and Super 5. Do any of you use any of the other Udo products besides
the essential fats? Do you think this stuff is good or would it be wasting
my money. I enjoy being healthy and would like to continue so for many
years. Let me know your thoughts…

I think that his products are worth the money. I use a few of his things here and there and like them although I can’t say “feels like deca” or “I gained 20lbs with (x)”. I especially like the digestive enzyme blend, mostly because of the raspberry flavor and it’s breath freshening properties. I also like to throw a bit of the fast food blend into my grow. It’s hard to say just how much they do for you but where health is concerned I think it’s worth the little bit extra consideration and effort. $.o2