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Udos Oil

I hear alot of good things about Udo’s oil, but I can’t seem to find any. Where does everyone out there get theirs?

I get mine from “health food” stores that cater to vegetarians.

jen’s right…those are the best places to find udo’s oil. if you live in canada, the health food store “choices” has a large selection of efa’s, and i’m sure that similar stores in the states will have the same. i recommend getting the capsule form of udo’s oil, just for the convenience of use. and remember, always store your oil in a cool, dark place (also a good practice for most supplements), to avoid the breakdown of the efa’s. good luck.

The refrigerator in any better health food store

GNC dude!

an internet store called netrition (you should be able to figure out the address). i dont remember ever seeing it at any of the local gnc’s. i will have to check there. i guess that would probably be easier than ordering off the internet if they have it there.

any “natural” food or health food store. it’s in the refridgerated section, usually by the probiotics.

I just got two huge bottles from netrition. They are who I buy it from.

Nic - I’m in Canada, maybe that’s why your GNC doens’t have it but mine does? Dunno, but Netrition, like someone else mentioned, is a great supp. source. Fast shipping too.

Netrition rules.

You can go to the udoerasmus website and check out all his products as well as some of his articles.

Hey, is it me, or does Udo’s Oil kinda taste like sawdust?