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Udo's oil?


Read article that mentioned how good it is.Any info? Is it worth trying?


Its BY FAR the best oil blend you can get. It tastes pretty good on a salad with red wine vinager. I can't live with out it. Its worth every penny.


I agree with PGA. I always have a bottle in the fridge, and I always add a tblsp to my shakes anytime I make one at home. My my wife is even hooked on it every morning in the protein shake!


It's good, but expensive, like 18 bucks at the hippie store. I don't know if you can order it online because it has to be refridgerated.


Hey there, iron.head

Check out


to help you make your informed decision between lubrication alternatives

Happy gulping!


I used to take Udo's but switched to Don Lemmon's Oil. It tastes better and according to Mr. Lemmon it is better. Give it a shot.


Thanks for the input.Im going to give it a try! iron.head