Udo's Oil Refrigerated?

Does anyone know of any supp. retailers who ship oils such as Udo’s in a refrigerated package?


solidgk, I’ve ordered from iHerb in the past, and they do a nice job of shipping. They included some frozen shipping packs in the box, which was pretty cool. ← pun intended, of course. (grin)

The trick is probably to order enough to make it worth your while and then upgrade it to 2-day shipping, making sure that it’s shipped out to you before Wednesday. I’ll admit that I order four 32-ounce bottles at a time when I order, and then stick all the bottles except the one I’m using in the freezer.

When I asked Flora (the manufacturer) about it being shipped and not refrigerated during transit, they said it shouldn’t be a problem, just to put it in the fridge or freezer upon receipt.

I know some that buy a year’s supply at once in the winter time (and freeze it). That way it never really gets warm. If you have it delivered FedEx or UPS, it should be fine, even in the warmer months.