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Udo's Choice gone bad???

Hi folks, I know I’m supposed to keep my Udo’s oil in the fridge but it was out for two days after I bought it (just forgot about it). Is it still ok to use? thx

Udo’s seems to get a distinct “rancid” taste whenever it has gone bad.

Does it have that (did you taste it before you left it out?)

Did you leave it out sealed or unsealed?

You’ll know when it’s gone bad. If it was left out unopened, don’t worry, consume it, if it was opened, if it’s rotten, like I said, you’ll know.


And if you can’t tell immediately upon consuption if it’s spoiled, don’t get too far away from a toilet for the next few hours.

it was unopened when I left it out so hopefully it will be ok. Just to be sure though, I think I’ll do the trial run for it on the weekend so I can be close to a shitter if need be. Thanks for the warning. Hate to be in that state at work