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Udos and dmso

Could you take Udos choice oil transdermally using dnso? I cant stand the taste and was wondering if this would work.

You would only get milligrams across the skin,
whereas you need grams.

Just mix it with your MRP and you don’t even notice it.

The best way to take Udo’s oil is to mix it in with a protein shake ala Grow, Advanced Protein, or another protein option. Trust me, you won’t notice the taste one bit.

If this isn’t a viable option, I have found that one can get almost the same effect by administering oneself an Udo’s oil enema. The oil’s nutritional properties are absorbed by the large intestine quite readily, and it also aids in the constipation problems that high protein diets tend to cause.

Just pretend you’re at an Italian restaurant and soak it up with a littlepiece of bread.