I’m transferring to UC Santa Barbara next year (helllzz yeah!!)

Just wondering if there are any other T-Students up there??

Anyone interested in starting up a UCSB T-Cell (club or maybe fraternity?? hehehe)

Oh man, imagine a fraternity built solely on the ideals of the T-Man mindset… (and TC’s Atomic Dog “influences” as well hahahahhaa)

Congrats Paul, that’s awesome.

I lived up that way for a few years and absolutely loved it. I know Kuri is around Ventura, which isn’t too far away.

Where are you transfereing from?

I might end up at Santa Barbara… If I do I’m looking you up and we’re starting what you’ve suggested! Such a bad A$$ idea!!!

Too bad you weren’t around a few years ago (class of 2000). UCSB is the shit. I lived on DP for 3 years. You’ll love it.

You will like it trust me. I’ve been living here all my life…no complaints