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UCL Damage, Tear?


Just wondering if anyone here has experience with damaging or tearing their UCL.

What did it feel like? Are there any decent tests to confirm damage (aside from going to the doctor)?

I'm experiencing some really weird tightness on the inner and lower part of my right elbow. No pain at all, but just weird tightness, and it definitely feels like something is off.

Any thoughts would be more than welcome.


Yep, complete tear. I just had mine done, Tommy John on 2/29. Not to scare you but what you're describing sounds like my symptoms. Numbness/tingling in your pinky and ring fingers are also a dead give away.

Mostly it just felt really unstable, especially when valgus stress was put on it. This type of injury really needs an MRI, I think -I actually passed the Valgus stress test from my doc. Also, I had some tightness and weakness whenever I tried supinated (palms up?) curls. The nature of the activity that led to the injury can help as well. UCL injuries are common in baseball but are chronic. Mine was acute (submission in Jiu Jitsu). I hope you feel better. Really, you should see an Ortho or a PT.

Best wishes man


Maybe what you have is medial epicondylitis?


Thanks for the comments. Luckily I have no tingling in my pinky or other fingers, and no pain when doing any lifts, just that feeling of tightness, which leads me to think it might be a sprain and not a tear.

I've focused on really keeping my elbows in, no matter what exercise I'm doing, and have switched to neutral grip for almost everything (military press, chest press, etc.).

Do you think supinated curls are bad for elbows in general? Anybody else have experience with a sprained or torn UCL?