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Does anyone on here go to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas or the University of Central Florida or Florida Atlantic University? Or did go there?

I am from Wisconsin and went to Northwood University in West Palm Beach and man did it suck. I hated the school but loved the weather and such. So now I am transferring and have to figure out which school to go to within about the next two weeks for the spring semester.

My grandparents live in Vegas and I love the area and I have seen the school and it all looks good. The only thing about Vegas I worry about is that it does get a little cooler in the winter (being from Wisconsin I have to get out of winter…I just do.)

I love Orlando and UCF looks like one of the best schools I have ever seen. How do the students like it?

FAU looks alright, kind of the back up plan. I only thing I truely worry about it someday have to evack from a hurricane. I left during Hurricane Wilma this year and that was scary enough for me. The problem is the after affect of not having power for a week.

Anyone have any helpful thoughts for me?


Don’t worry dude, I’m sure they all have tons of hot chicks :wink:

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
Don’t worry dude, I’m sure they all have tons of hot chicks ;)[/quote]

That right there just lifted my spirits about the whole thing. HAHA. Cuz anything has to be better than Wisconsin for hot chicks.

shit i said the same thing about hick towns in indiana but damn if i didn’t see the hottest chick i’ve probably ever seen this last weekend in a hick indiana town.

UCF is a pretty nice school (I have a few friends that go there). Nice gym, definately their share of hot girls, and a pretty good social scene. As long as you aren’t a football fan…kiddin’, its a good school, definately better than FAU.

Yeah man, I attended UCF. The school has grown quite nicely and it actually has more students than any other school in Florida. The football team is getting better, there are definitly a lot of hot girls, and downtown Orlando has a really nice night life. Not to mention the atraction area if you want to do something of that sort. Its also close to Tampa and Ybor City (cool place to party)so you can take in some football, baseball, and hockey games whenever as well. I still live in O-town and I love it! Close to the beach to.