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U.S. Torino Apparel


I?m thoroughly disappointed.


The US Olympic team gear looks like Ass.

I hate it! I won?t be able to look at them on the medal stand if they wear that stuff! How am I supposed to be proud and stand for the Anthem when they?re going to be wearing stuff that looks like it belongs in the 1978 JC Penny catalogue? I HATE IT!

The Canadian Team went with another company, HBC. Their stuff looks a ton better.


I really liked the gear the US had from Roots in the '02 Salt Lake games, so naturally I was excited to see what they were going to sport this time around.

The US needs to use Moosejaw next time around.


To each his own. I don't think either of them are all that stunning. Did you scroll down and see the Canadian team's parka? That looks like something an old woman would wear. But, I didn't think the U.S. Men's Hoody looks bad. Not that I will be buying any of it anyway.