U.S. To Sell Armpit Testosterone

Australian Firm To Sell World’s First Armpit Testosterone Lotion In US

An Australian company will sell the world’s first armpit testosterone lotion in American stores next year after receiving approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, news.com.au reported Friday.

The lotion, created by Melbourne-based drug delivery firm Acrux, treats men with hypogonadism, a disease which produces low testosterone levels and includes symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire and performance.

Axiron – an anagram for “iron ax” – is the first testosterone replacement therapy to be applied in the armpit, with current treatments including a gel for the upper body and regular injections.

Only available by prescription, Axiron will be sold for the first time next year in the US, which has the worldâ??s largest market for testosterone replacement, worth about $1 billion a year.

Acrux CEO Richard Treagus said: “What weâ??ve found is the population is aging in the US, Australia and around the world, and with [that comes] greater awareness around menâ??s health issues; more are now receiving treatment for them.”


How is it OTC if available only with prescription.

I wonder how dosages will be titrated if it’s a roll-on.

sooooooooooo its not OTC

[quote]maineiac42 wrote:
sooooooooooo its not OTC[/quote]

LOL. Fixed.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
How is it OTC if available only with prescription.

I wonder how dosages will be titrated if it’s a roll-on. [/quote]

OTC was my typo-- had it on the brain when I typed, but this site takes so long to post/update that I ended logging out for awhile before I was able to edit.

Will they have some antiperspirant in the roll on. I would like a cool sport fragrance. :slight_smile:

Oh OK.

Well, I got a pending authorization for Testopel. We’ll see how I like it. You guys know I love Androgel, but I’m sorta tired of rubbing it on everyday.

Someone here shaves his arm pits and find that a small amount of T cream provides very good T levels. The hair follicles there might create a good DHT response and the small surface area should constrain T–>E2. The damp environment may improve absorption and there really is no fabric scrubbing there. The bottom line is cost.

Does this mean no deodorant? Wont matter if your can get wood or not if your stinking up the joint (jokes)