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U.S Soldiers+Lady Gaga=Epic?

'nuff said 'bout them boys stationed in Afghanistan. Soldiers gotta have fun too.

I was gonna post this a few hours ago, but I stopped caring. Well played, sir.

lol I saw it on the news and my immediate reaction was wtf. Impressed to say the least.

Kinda gay, but they can kick my ass so whatevs.

You spend a couple of years staring at sand and eating chicken and rice, and you too will find yourself remaking Lady Gaga and not thinking twice about it.

I liked it.

They can’t legally drink. Gotta fill the hours, days, weeks and months, somehow.

Did someone say “nohomo” at the end to make this not gay?

I was thinking it was pretty gay until the 1 minute mark when that guy started dancing, then I started laughing my fucking ass off.

lol fucking hilarious.