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U.S. Progress


I would like to have all the Bush people tell what you think he has accomplished since he's been potus and what has been done to make our country progress.I must be missing something everyone i know is having a hard time affording what they did before, and I know several college grads that can't find any decent jobs and are delivering pizza and working in gas stations etc.


Come on, Bush supporters lets here what he's done to make this country a better place to live.Since he is in his second term surely there is a reason he was voted in again.


It would be hard to describe Bush's appeal or legacy with someone who couldn't understand the dynamics of a cyclical economy or the fact that overeducated people delivered pizza under Clinton and Reagan as well.

Or were you convinced that the 'money on paper' boom of the later 90's was going to continue? That there would be no worldwide increase in demand for finite natural resources? That America would sustain it's largest at home terrorist attack and natural disaster in one man's term.

Has he been perfect--or even great--I don't know. Others will tell us in retrospect. Could someone else have fucked it up even worse--YES.

Now, what was the point of your question? How has your life been negatively affected by the current administration? Do you know that any other President regardless of affiliation would have done anything differently given the circumstances at the time? Move on


John Kerry


Yes, it was too bad that NEITHER side had anyone worth voting for.

I thought Kerry was the "lesser of two evils".


what be "potus ?




Oh come on, surely the resident cheerleaders have something nice to say about the great Bush?

Nice excuse Sasquatch, does that mean you can't actually think of anything resembling progress?


No excuse here vroom.

Are you just trying to start shit cuz you're bored? I simply wanted to bust chops for such aridiculous, been there done that, offered nothing post. Surely we can butt heads on something that hasn't been chewed up and spit out ad nauseum.

By the way, how has your life been negatively affected by our choice for President? If anything, it's actually given you a podium for your narcissistic
blatherings about how the U.S. would be better with anyone BUT Bush as President.


Well, let's see:

  1. The economy sucks.

  2. Gas is at an all time high.

  3. Boys are dying in a stupid, political war.

  4. The environmental regulations are being eviscerated.

  5. We have an administration that is trying to strip away our civil liberties.

  6. We have an emergency response system that is mired in bureaucracy and red tape which has cost people their lives.


I thought it was interesting that Bush could make an emergency fly in to Washington in order to stop that poor woman's feeding tube from being removed, but he couldn't find a way to expedite the emergency response in NO.


You're absolutely right!

Each and everything stated above is 100% the fault of the sitting President.
Please, stay in your element.


Ahahaha, sure Sasquatch, accuse me of all kinds of shit and then haul out the personal attacks.

I see you still haven't bothered to address the question at all. I see the good old deflect and distract tactics are in full force for this one?

If you've got the time to pull out the personal attacks and complain repeatedly about why you don't feel the original poster deserves a decent reply, then why don't you have the time to suggest the occurence of real progress.

Heck, you aren't just talking to the original poster, you are talking to all the folks that come along and read this thread without posting. If they don't see anyone step up to bat for Bush, what are they going to think?

Now, take your finger off the trigger and put that Derringer back in your boot tough guy.


Very good points!

I'm still curious as to what the "other side" has to say about the good that came out of our current President.

I'm not very political and don't keep up much, so I'm sincerely interested to know.

And for the record, I'm not buying the economy cycling thing. Bush will be in for 2 terms; Clinton (as much as I didn't like him) was in for two terms.

Bush in, Economy bad; Clinton in, economy good.

Is this cycle supposed to last every eight years, or is the economy going to get better while Bush is still in office?


This has only a fair correlation w/ the president. Money would be better spent on other things than throwing it away in iraq is the biggest " mistake " economy-wise bush has made. Greenspan has a much greater control of the economy than bush

Its supply and demand, even the current tax's are just a couple of pennies per gallon.

Yep bush's fault


Well thats debatable IMO but now that we are receiving terrorism just like europe we are moving towards their ways of dealing w/ things. This decision is to put safety over a few civil liberties lost which is basically big brother looking into us. I would rather that happen than some arab blow me up.

Again, not bush's fault. Katrina would have been just as devastating w/ any other administration.

You really think the repub's would commite political suicide by taking away abortion rights? Thats the stupidest and most unrealistic prediction of all.


Actually--my response to you was pretty much tongue-in-cheek. Sorry if you took it as way personal. I believe you have stated often how sometimes you are just chiding someone and sometimes you are attacking and that we (the readers) should be able to tell the difference.

I realize you could take narcissistic as mean spirited, but it truly wasn't. And I'll respond to someone whoi has a serious question seriously. Oh wait, that sounds like you as well.

Now to address your question.

I don't blame the President soley for all the country's ills. I understand the cyclical nature of economics and further understand the stresses on the economy don't point directly at the President.
The President alone did not send us into war.
The president had, I believe, little to do with the fact that Katrina devasted NO and the Gulf Coast.
In appropriate thread I have chastised his distance and lack of urgency, but still, all the struggles in recovery are not on him.
He has allocated more money for public education than any President in the history of America
His leadership following the 9/11 disaster was helpful in the pulling together of America. Remember when we were united?

It's easy to stand back and criticize? And no,you can't tell me how any other person may have reacted under the given circumstances. That's not an excuse. That's a fact.


Bigdon, we've seen republicans in these very forums crowing about this very possibility.

Besides, it won't be visibly associated with the republicans, it will be because of a supreme court verdict, and there will be very little anyone can do about that unless they permanently vote democrat to get a chance to retilt that body at some point in the future.


I think gojira has it pegged.I don't think its a coincidence that two outfits that seem to be profiting off all this ,halli burton & the oil boys have strong ties to the admin.Gas started steadily rising after he took over.This seems like a rehash of the reagan bush1 years, right down to the speeches they used when running for office.


The cycle isn't a given amount of time--it simply implies that there can't be continuous growth . Especially the type of growth that came from the technological boom in the 90's. Not the Clinton boom--ok. He was in charge during it, it didn't ocurr because he was there.

As we went through the depression and bounced back. The recession and stagflation of the 70's and recovered. We too shall recover from this.

This did not have the initial look of a proplonged economic downturn at the beginning. Add on 9/11 and now Katrina plus, YES, I believe some poor gov't strategy. But as sure as I'm typing this right now, another upturn is coming. And guess what. If you still got 20 years in ya, you'll see another cycle.


I think we could all agree that abortion is more of a religious issue than political party affiliation.

Kerry was anti-abortion

And while you are correct vroom, this would be a S>C. decision. It would still be well documented--?and lamented?--issue about Repub. appointment.


What's with all the annoying little jabs?

Anyway, by the look of your comments I'm guessing that at best nobody is going to post positive statements about progress because they are so arguable?

I didn't actually see you say anything good, but you did give a good list of excuses why anything bad wasn't really the fault of the president.

Do you think people elect someone hoping that he won't be able to be blamed for anything? With the negative spin on politics and preponderance of attack ads, maybe so.

It still does look bad for Bush when the casual reader drops by this thread, at least for now, since nobody has anything good to say yet. That's a fact too, Jack!