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U.S. Nukes Compromised



Saw this on the news this morning, weird stuff.


Interesting. Wonder what will be reported today after this goes down.


Jesus.....Independence Day is coming soon.

They won't take my planet. But they can have Britain.


I'm so glad they mentioned UFOs..that way I know none of it is true. I was worried that some nukes went missing or something.


I wouldn't worry, Africa will get hit first. That's the rule, we always got all the shit first.


To be fair, another story I just read stated that they thought they may be advanced aircraft from another country. It is interesting that this is a lot of major news outlets this morning.


I can't believe a white polish guy is more African than I am. Fucking sad.


Hahahahahahahahaha. You lose yet again.



LMAO! Unbelievable!




My guess is that the same idiots who post here constantly about 911 being an inside job will also feast on this crap. There really is no end to the gullibility of some people.


At least we have pictures and video and FIRSTHAND accounts, your invisible sky wizard has none of those. I'm just supposed to believe in some ancient text and stories and guys who wear dresses and do funny rituals. Sha.



These are first hand accounts from military personnel.

Why do you hate America?


So anything that the general public doesn't or "shouldn't" know about is now a conspiracy?



And since America was created by God, He must also hate God.

Why do you hate God, Zeb? Why?




Explain yourself, Zeb.


I'm so sorry! The next time I'm on board an alien space ship and they tell me to 'take us to your leader' I'll direct them to North Korea!


Yeah either that or trust a text which has stood the test of time and has also been proven more reliable than the works of Plato, Aristotle and many other ancient books.

By the way, nice way to turn this into a religious thread. As I've said before atheists faith is not having any faith at all. And they repeatedly try to beat it into your head. Way to drive people away from your cause. You do more for Christianity than I ever could.


Little green men in flying saucers shut down our nuclear rockets. And for all those who believe that I have some property in florida that I'd like you to consider purchasing.


Why Zeb, wgy?