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U.S. Invading Venezuela?



RE: Documents regarding invasion plan in Venezuela
By Yuri Pimentel

17.11.05 | Below copy of communication purportedly sent by Yuri Pimentel to Ted Koppel regarding the invasion plan that the USA has for Venezuela.

11 November 2005

Attn: Ted Koppel
c/o Melinda Arons
ABC Nightline
Washington, DC

RE: Documents regarding invasion plan in Venezuela [part I]

Dear Mr. Koppel:

Per your conversation with President Hugo Ch?vez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during his visit to New York in September 2005, enclosed you will find a part of the documentation regarding a proposed military operation against our country. We are sending you documents from the Plan Balboa, which was an invasion plan against Venezuela used as a military exercise in early 2001 by NATO nations, just one year before the coup d'etat was executed by factions of Venezuelan society supported by the Bush Administration.

As you will see in the documents, Venezuela is the target nation of the invasion, particularly the western part of the country where the oil industry is most developed. The satellite images involved in the plan that demonstrate the zone of operations (Puerto Rico, Panam?, Colombia and Venezuela) are real images taken from a United States institution.

The nations involved in the operation are not referred to in the documents by name, but rather by color, but the coordinates involved in the operation refer to real airports and places in Venezuela.

We are happy to discuss with you in detail the important parts of the documents and to help place them into a context that evidences their threatening nature.

Please feel free to contact us directly through our Department of International Media at the Ministry of Communication and Information. 0058-212-5053349. lsuarez@mci.gov.ve


Yuri Pimentel

Minister of Communication and Information Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


damn oil


Good old, jlesk!!!


P.S. We will not invade Venezuela.


Yeah, and we will not "liberate" Iran either...


The US already tried a coup on Chavez. Worse comes to worse the prics will just try to assasinate him because he is standing up to George II.


Since jlesk posted it, I am pretty sure it is his usual BS, but the US military has rudimentary plans to invade almost every country on earth and probably the Moon too.

If they didn't create these plans they wouldn't be doing their jobs.


Why didn't you keep copying from the page?

Editor's note: The following message was written by Venezuelan diplomat Adolfo R. Taylhardat. According to Mr. Taylhardat the 'evidence' sent to Ted Koppel, already in the public domain, pertains to information which can be accessed by any interested party. He concludes by saying that

a) the information furnished to Ted Koppel by Venezuela's Information Minister is nothing but copies of public documents of an exercise that was part of a course given by Spain's Air Force military academy back in 2001;

b) that Hugo Chavez lied to the American public by making false statements in Koppel's Nightline; and

c) that Venezuelans and the world at large have been made believe by Hugo Chavez that a plan detailing a sinister conspiration against Venezuela existed, when in fact evidence to the contrary demonstrates that Plan Balboa is, quite simply, a military simulation exercise. Even the fake RESOLUCI?N 1580 from the UN is included in the document entitled "1Operaci?n Balboa" sent to Koppel. Apologies to the language impaired.


Because then he couldn't put his leftist spin on it...


No, I actually missed that part, if that was the case, would I have put the link on the post?

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if Chavez was a CIA puppet to be that "boogie man" that the Military industrial complex needs to "liberate" another sovereign country who happens to be rich in oil...


I hope we invade Japan next.
Then we can get a hole bunch of hot asian babes.


Damn commies!



If we are invading everyone for their oil, why aren't we getting cheap oil from Iraq yet? Why aren't we using their oil to pay back U.S. taxpayers for footing the bill to invade their stupid country. While we are at it, why don't we steal their oil and use the profits to pay soldiers more and pay the families of killed soldiers and build more weapons.

Recruiting would go through the roof and we would have the large armies needed to invade every oil producing country in the world and steal their oil. Fuck Yeah! I'm on board. Hey is "hole" bunch of hot asian babes intentional or a hilarious mistake? I'll stay away from the land of tentacle, rope bondage, and vomit and excretory function porn.


It boggles my mind why any sane government would put up with such crap, instead of building a shitload of nuclear plants then thumb their nose to all the oil-rich N-world countries.
With enough cheap electricity even the hydrogen economy becomes feasible. Sure, you still need oil for plastics and stuff, but we know that all things made of plastic are manufactured in China, right? Plus, nukes are cheaper than a massive scale war.

Just start building those goddamn nukes faster. Invasions or not, oil is not getting cheaper.


We already did, friend. In 1945, remember?

Japan is now basically an American satellite. The U.S. military has a huge presence here (until Gulf War II, the largest overseas concentration of US servicemen in the world), with around 90 Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force bases and over 50,000 personnel.

No sense invading what you already own.


Tell me: how do you manufacture chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides (without which modern American agriculture would disappear) without petroleum? (Or do you propose we buy all our food from China as well?)

How do you convert all the airplanes, trains, ships, trucks and cars that are currently in use to utilize hydrogen or nuclear-generated "cheap" electricity? (Or do we just scrap them all and ride bicycles...like they do in China?)

How do you distribute this electricity and/or hydrogen to all points throughout the vast North American continent?

...while at the same time somehow coming up with the capital to build, operate and maintain enough nuclear reactors to feed the insatiable energy appetite of the United States?

Can't be done, son.

We will continue doing what we are doing, to our peril, surely. There is no alternative that does not involve great austerity and sacrifice, which Americans hate more than they hate the French.

Petroleum supplies will become scarcer, and thus more expensive, and "blood for oil" will start sounding more and more like a fair trade.

Oh, there will indeed be a flurry to build more nukes in the near future, just not the nukes you're thinking of.

Have a nice day.


Horseshit. Or bullshit or pigshit. Whatever you prefer.

Horses, dammit. Or cows or pigs. Whatever you like. Except sheep. Sheep are right out.

Multiple plants? (maybe we could use the sheep here)

Hmmm...I gotta say this one is a head scratcher. We are the Great Whore after all.


mmmmmm...blood for oil...

How can I have a nice day now? :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot chickenshit and batshit. Yes, absolutely. manure will take care of the fertilizer problem to a small extent (small because of the logistical problem of moving all that shit around), but not the pest and weed problem.

American agriculture has hybridized most food plant species to the point that they cannot survive without a massive influx of energy, something on the order of 30 calories of petroleum energy spent for each calorie of food energy produced.

Well, since much of American farmland is becoming desert, don't rule out camels.

See, though, this was my entire point. Barring a return to pre-industrial technology, (i.e. completely organic farming, animal traction and transportation, etc.) which no true red-blooded, teevee watchin', Suburban-drivin', Big Mac munchin' American is ever going to vote for, the United States is going to be remain dependent upon petroleum, the supply of which is steadily decreasing.

It will always be cheaper to invade and rob other countries of their petroleum than to develop viable energy alternatives (not to mention much more stimulating for national morale), and as long as the United States has the military power to do so, then it will continue to do so.

By convincing yourself that you live in the greatest nation ever in the history of mankind, and however bad things might be, well gosh darnit, everything's gonna be O.K. in the end.

Seems to work for most people.


You know, WMD, it's really funny, but as I was writing that, and trying to think of something that Americans hated more than austerity and sacrifice, the first thing that came to mind was your "fucking faggot-ass French!" comments from the Gun Control thread. I swear to God. And now you turn out to be the one to respond. Perfect. :slight_smile:


Whose blood will it be? Yours? I think not.

As long as its you that has to tell the mothers that, after their sons corpses lie in fields of black gold. That's what I call freedom, eh?


No, it won't be, if I can help it. It almost might have been, though. I got out of the Army a few years before the first invasion of Iraq, and a lot of my friends were mobilized. Could have been me.

I doubt it will be you, either. But I can't make any promises about your sons, brothers, cousins, etc. Nor mine.

Just to clarify, I don't think this current state of affairs is a good thing, Irish, any more than I assume you do. I am just stating things as I see they are, and as I predict they will continue. If you can see a feasible way out of this situation, please share it with me. Better yet, share it with the Department of Energy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

True, I don't live in the United States anymore, so perhaps it can be said that I have relinquished my right to criticize its actions, but for the record, I love and have always loved America. If I did not, I never would have volunteered to defend her many years ago. At that time, there was a real perceived threat to the nation, and real enemies with nuclear weapons that we were up against.

Today, however, I do not think that I would volunteer to defend the gluttonous standard of living of the only remaining Superpower, nor encourage anyone else to do so. I would bite my tongue before criticizing anyone in the military: my hat is off to the brave men and women who are out there now risking their lives, and I pray they come back alive. I only hope they realize before it's over just what it is they are fighting &mdash and dying &mdash for.

It ain't freedom.