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U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill


A new level of insanity?

I think so.


...and we're back at the witch-craft heresy trials.


World, I am proud to be born in America, but these fucking idiots do not represent me in any shape, form, or fashion. What a joke.


And it is sponsored by a Republican. Where did the party of liberty go? Let me decide what I can and can't do with my life. Way bigger issues to worry about than this bullshit.


I am beyond curious what the inside reason for this is. It would make more sense if there was a specific group the government was trying to get at. I really doubt they would enforce this for the average Jo. It just doesn't make sense.


Oh look, more unenforceable laws to make it look like our elected officials are doing something.




A somewhat relevant tidbit: dutch government decided to place cannabis with a THC content higher than 15% on list 1. Cannabis with high THC content is now a harddrug.

Times are a changing and it's not good.


This shit pisses me off


Where are those conservative values


The law is a reaction to a 2007 case in which the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals threw out the convictions of two men who planned the transfer of cocaine from a Colombian drug cartel to a Saudi prince for distribution in Europe. Though the men planned the transaction from Miami, the court found that because the cocaine never reached the U.S. and was never intended to reach the U.S., the men hadn't committed any crime against the United States.

From the article posted.


I don't trust that they wouldn't attempt to enforce on the occasional average joe.


A few years ago I could go ten miles offshore, be in international water and do whatever the fuck I wanted, as long as i didn't get caught on the way out.

Now it's 200 miles, way out of range. So, if this shit is imposed internationally, who gives a fuck. Amsterdam will be ruined but it was only worth one trip.

Nothing will change for me, here in the USA, fuck everyone else.


Unless there was a huge monetary payoff for doing so, I'd think the legal process would be more expensive than the fines you'd get from someone planning to use marijuana in Holland. I could be wrong. I suspect this law was created to crack down where the big dollars are (as exemplified by the above case). It's still a bad move from a monetary standpoint though. Wouldn't we want these people to sell drugs on foreign soil and bring the money to America? I'm just saying- bad move in a time of economic discomfort.


I'm sure the legal process would cost much more, but I am cynical when it comes to our government's ability to fight the so called war on drugs.


Frankly I believe the US Gov't propagates the international drug trade.

Anybody been watching the news regarding the ATF, US gun brokers and Mexican Cartels?

Anyone believe there is more to the story than the "tag and track" bullshit?

Maybe tax revenue and "black budgets"?

And wouldn't international domination/manipulation make imperialistic sense?


I don't think even our government believes they will ever be successful on the war on drugs. These are Harvard graduates. They aren't THAT stupid. There has to be some way that the government is actually benefiting from the war on drugs, or I can't think of another reason that they'd possibly continue to invest in it.


This makes more sense than investing effort in caring whether or not a couple will consume a non-fatal substance in another country.


Well, it does create lots of jobs!


40 billion dollars worth of jobs.


Whoa! Link? I'm interested in this.