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U.S. Being Invaded Slowly from the South


I live in Miami. It's a given that a good percentage of the population won't speak English. Even the people who've already lived here for 10+ years don't speak English, In fact they refuse to learn English, and will give you dirty looks if don't speak Spanish. They will say: "This is Miami, why don't you speak Spanish?" The worst part is, I've been working in Broward county(ft. Lauderdale) for 10 years, and everyone here used to speak English, but not anymore. Where I work, people walk in all the time and ask me if I speak spanish, and when I say no they walk out. In Miami, you won't get a job unless you speak Spanish. When you go back a month later and see who they hired, it's a Cuban kid who looks like a gang member, and would rather talk to his girlfriend on his iphone than help a customer.
I grew up in New Jersey, and when I went back I was appalled by the number of migrant workers hanging out all over the streets. It looked like friggin East L.A.
Not too long ago I had a Colombian woman asked me to marry her for her green card, and I refused. I already know a few psychotic Latin women who've screwed-over horny gringos who thought they were in love. In their country the only way to get ahead is to seduce a rich man with her big fake tits and ass.
The Hispanics in Miami also drive like retards, and 1/3 of the population is uninsured. They love to tailgate you, while blasting reggeaton music and smelling up the place with their oil-burning coffee can exhaust pipes. I've already had a hispanic woman plow into my car by blowing a stop sign, then getting out of her car shouting in Spanish like it was my fault for being in her way.
In closing, if this is the future of America, we are all fucked. These people like to run insurance scams, which affect us all, and in south Florida medicare fraud is highest in the nation, and guess who has a big hand in that?


couldnt agree more, I went to sschool in miami for a semester, but after realizing i was one of the only white kid around, and the only person who spoke english i bailed. I remember going into wal-mart and all of the announcements were in spanish, i went to ask for help for somethinhg i was looking for and NONE of the employees spoke english!!!

No question they are taking over...





Good one Orion.

especially when you consider that florida used to be spanish in the olden days.

First they kicked the arabs out of Al andalus in 1492, now they are going for you guys.
I kidd offcourse.



Yea I live in South Florida as well and I absolutely hate driving anywhere near Miami. It's seriously turned into a whole other country down there. A lot of the billboards, advertisements and signage is in Spanish as well.

Hialeah is probably one of the most notorious. Hialeah has the second highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the US. I have a friend who works down there in emergency services and has a hard time communicating with people who need help because they nor their families and friends can speak enough English to tell him what is wrong.

I have no problem with Spanish people as a race but I do have an issue when the language starts becoming more prominent than the national language and people look at me like I am crazy when I don't speak it. I am learning some basic phrases from some of my Latin friends.


Learn spanish, I guess?

When I spoke to my gf about taking turkish classes, she first thought I might have gone mad.

It's often wiser to go with the Zeitgeist, instead of against it.
You don't have to love it initially.


Wow. You know what, I live in Los Angeles, and come to think of it, Los Angeles is a Spanish word meaning the angels. And you know what else? All our street signs are in spanish. Loma Linda. Camino Del Avion.

When I was in Florida it was the same thing. All these spanish towns. Florida is even a spanish word. And shit! So is Miami! Boca raton....wow. They really have invaded.

Reminds me of when I went to Hawaii and all the street signs where in some weird Polynesian language. Looks like Hawaii is being invaded by Polynesians! Shit!! And then I was in Louisiana and all the street signs where in French!! Holy shit the French are invading Louisiana too.

Fuck...what's a white guy to do? holy shit! I just realized I have an Italian last name...holy crap! Italians must be invading my American body and trying to turn me into a cast member of the Sopranos.

And what's up with all these Indian reservations that don't pay american taxes. Hello! You're in America now. If you don't want to contribute to our country go back to India.

Somebody needs to get you a history book buddy.


good post, glad to see some sense in here.

please stick around.


Yeah, but you could have banged her and then told her to fuck off....That would have been amusing. Colombian chicks don't age well typically, so even if you hooked up with on legitimately, she'd probably be rather trollish in a few years...
Always look at mama.


If Strada is your last name, can you please translate that word for me ? I want to see how far that Italian penetration went.


I think our issue with immigrants, beyond the illegals, is the fact that they no longer want to be American. They just want all the perks.

When my family immigrated to America it was for a better life and to live the American dream, guess what they leaned to speak English and assimilated into the society. When I was growing up my parents wouldn't even teach me to speak French because and I quote "this is America you speak English, don't worry about speaking French".


Too bad. You missed the chance to grow up bi-lingual.


True, but for them it didn't matter, being American did. I even tried to take it in High School and they wouldn't let me. They wisely told me to take Spanish :wink:


If you had learned French from a young age, learning Spanish would have been much easier for you. Very short-sighted on their part.

You missed the chance to be tri-lingual.


Good point, but on the plus side I speak English so I'm all set if I move to Mexico, wait, um Guatemala, hmm nope, ah England (for the next few years anyways)!


Hmmm people in Florida, Flor-REE-Dah, happen to speak Spanish. How suprising...not really. I hope they never learn English and prosper, that's the beauty of this country, you can live the way you want. Those that don't learn English only deny themselves opportunities, if they can prosper without it and don't want to then touche' go full speed ahead Latinos.


Wow your Parents sound like a bunch of cultural self hating morons. That should really be something to be proud of that they threw away their 1000 year lineage to try at being Anglo-Saxon, makes them so much more American too.

My Father was an English teacher even before we came to the USA and made sure I spoke the language exquisitely. My Mother was a Nurse and she tried to teach me her ethnic language - Russian. They were both from Bolivia, a Spanish speaking country, my Father of Hispanic descent and my Mother a third-generation Russian Bolivian, who still preserved her language. She passed when I was 9.

Thus I speak Spanish, English, and a smattering of Russian. In my personal life, I often choose and prefer to exclusively speak Spanish and spur off English.

Does this make me a bad American? For failing to be ignorant?

To be American is to have a fundamental understanding of the writings and teachings that defined and created this nation. It appears to me that in the time of our Founding Fathers any one of a level of education acquired at least two languages of litercy "Latin & French" or "Latin & Greek." Among the Colonists, there were many monolingual and bilingual people and not ubiquiteously English speaking. The Pennsylvania Dutch are still going strong for example, further a bit North, Gaelic survives in the New Foundland region, and French is spoken by around 10% of those in Maine and NH as a native tongue.

This whole idea of English dominance is one of recent origin, brought about by Anglo-Saxon domination of Spanish-Speaking and French-Speaking regions that were conquered and then spurred on by the Henry Ford era where Anglocentric business men tried to crush the ethnic diversity of their workers for god knows what reasons.

You conquered, invaded and suppressed us, our culture and our language. Now the injustice has ended and people are practicing their Freedom of Speech. Cry more imperialist, cry more.

@OP = You don't think Afro-Saxons and Anglo-Saxons are irresponsible and annoying? You think because you've found some choice Latin ghetto people that herefore all Latin people who choose to preserve their language are now irresponsible and annoying? Let's turn the mirror on methhead house robbers, and inner Florida redneck girls who at 26 have 7 kids. Seriously get of yourself.


You're just mad because you can't speak Spanish, marry a Senorita, or get a job. It's okay, not everyone has style.


We have a national language as in an official language? Or are you referring to de facto national language?



As I was taught the mother tongue stays in the kitchen, but you still speak it.