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U.S. Atrocities


'Repugnant': U.S. army apologises for graphic photos of soldiers with civilian corpses as violence is feared in Afghanistan

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1368314/German-newspaper-publishes-suppressed-photos-U-S-soldiers-posing-partially-naked-Afghan-corpse.html#ixzz1HGEZSvdH


But America never does anything bad ever!


Sounds like they are being tried for it.


It was a bunch of asshole soldiers currently on trial. Not quite America as a whole.

The ridiculousness never ends.


Yet when a bunch of asshole Muslims blow some shit up, the stereotype that "All muslims are terrorists" and "Islam is a religion of violence" creep up mostly unquestioned.


The soldiers in question are on trial facing the death penalty. The lockerbie bomber was calibrated as a hero.

Yeah, that is just alike.


Haven't heard about the lockerbie bomber. Do tell. "Calibrated as a hero" by who?

Oh, right, I get it - the stereotype is applicable to Muslims because other Muslims don't condemn the asshole ones enough, is that it?


The entire country of Libya.

No, it's different because entire country (among others) of Muslims celibates the murder of 270 innocent people. Meanwhile we will probably put these guys to death for killing 3 innocent people, while pretty much every American condemns them for what they did.


Any reports from the people who were celebrating his release? Any statements or anything like that?






Uh, there's the video.

Do I need to keep going?


Are they celebrating because they think he is guilty or because they think he is innocent?


So then, it would be okay for America to receive these soldiers with a hero's welcome, even after they were convicted, if we thought they didn't do it?


And you are okay with people supporting the US military as long as they think it doesn't do bad things?


It would certainly be different than us giving them a hero's welcom because we thought they did it. Agree?


This is an odd question.


You seem to think the hero worship of the lockerbie bomber is okay for people who think he didn't do something horrible.

So, in your estimation is not the hero worship of the US military okay for people who don't think they do horrible things?


The only facts are that they gave a hero's welcome to a mass murderer. You can no more say what their reasoning was than I can, I never conceded the point, because it's impossible to know or prove.

However, what you seem to be admitting in that question and with this further statement is interesting because you don't seem to apply that same logic to Americans. So, answer the question.

Would you defend Americans supporting and defending these soldiers and offering them a hero's welcome, even after they were convicted, if we thought they didn't do it?


Actually, you did imply that you knew their reasoning, and that their reasoning was to celebrate based on his guilt. Even just now - "They gave a hero's wecome to a mass murderer." implies they believe he is a mass murderer.

Please dont tell me you can't see the difference between "They gave a hero's wecome to a mass murderer" and "They gave a hero's wecome to a mass murderer they believe is innocent."

The first article actually has a few of the victims families saying they think he's innocent, btw.

Either way, if they are celebrating because they believe he did it, they are sick. If they are celebrating because they think he his innocent, their celebrations are in poor taste.

As I said above, it would be in poor taste - but very different from celebrating their return if we thought them guilty.

Face it, you're just trying to say "All of Libya supports terrorism!", when you also admit you "dont know their reasoning".


First adding "whom they believe is innocent" to the statement is skewing the the statement to paint it one way. I was just stating fact. I guess you could phrase it, "they gave a hero's welcome to a mass murderer they may or may not believe is innocent" if you want.

Supporting a terrorist is supporting terrorism regardless of the motive for that support.

And saying it is different doesn't answer the question.

Would you stand up for Americans supporting these guys, the way you are standing up for the Libyans?


Ahhh the strawmen. You're not very good at this.