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U-Rows/Shoulder Press - Antagonist?


I have started pairing upright rows with shoulder press as my antagonist pair.

Any thoughts if this is to much exposure to the shoulder, and would be better to pair pullups/shoulder press?


Both the upright row and shoulder press involve scapular elevation and humeral flexion/abduction; they aren't antagonistic at all.

Pullups would be a better choice.
Prone lower trap raises would be good as well.


It really sucks when somebody as smart as Eric beats you to an answer, and writes it more eloquently than you would.


thanks for the response and great answer!


follow question - what would be the appropriate antagonist exercise for U-rows?


Great Q, I've always wondered the same thing.

Glad to have ppl around here with answers. hehe



What are prone lower trap raises ?



Push-ups / dips on a pull-up bar rofl. You know. Altough the ROM cam be pretty limited. Anyhoo, I found this to be a little better (and harder) than regular push-ups lol


The exact opposite to an upright row would be dips with your body perpendicular to the bar (rather than parallel). I'm going to try this next time I do dips, to see if it's even possible.


What about really ugly tricep pushdowns with a cable machine(gasp!)and a straight bar, just using the same path, only pushing the opposite direction than U-rows.


This sounds better than my idea.


But wy not use a pull-up bar? It's so much cooler to do this on a pull-up bar. And it works the abs :smiley: