U/L PPL Program?

So I will admit, when I first started training I was making all of the rookie mistakes (Death by reps of 12, not training to my ectomorph body style, not doing compound lifts, always doing the one body part a day “Bro Splits”). I am looking to shift gears and try an Upper/Lower Push/Pull/Legs combo routine. I have heard some success from hard gainers who have used it, What do y’all think? I would end up doing all compound lifts at low tempo’d rep ranges of 5 sets of 4-6 reps for strength and isolation at tempo’d reps of 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps for strength and Hypertrophy on the PPL days. The routine would be spaced out as so:
Day 1 - Upper Body (Compound upper body lifts)
Day 2 - Lower Body (w/Back Squat) (Compound w/some isolation)
Day 3 - Rest
Day 4 - Push (Compound and isolation lifts)
Day 5 - Pull (w/Deadlifts) (Compound and isolation lifts)
Day 6 - Legs (w/Front Squat) (Compound and isolation lifts)
Day 7 - Rest

What do y’all think? What should I alter/change?
Thank You

Give this a try, similar and works really well…

After a few weeks can play around with the high rep days and go up in volume to rep schemes like 5x20, 10x10 w short rest etc