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U-40 Insulin Syringe to mL

Hi guys,

Is 0.1ml in U-40 insulin syringe in the place i’ve marked it on the picture?


Yes. 4 units / 40 units/ml = 0.10ml

4 units on U40 = 10 units on U100 = 0.1ml

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Thanks, man :).

In the future you should get the 1cc syringes which has 10 marks instead of only 5 marks allowing you to make more precise dosing.

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Thanks for suggestion. You mean 100 IU syringes?

I purchased Easy Tough 100 syringes 1cc/1/2 inch.

Dosing 0.1mL or less can be tricky on a 1CC syringe. I use a 0.5CC, half the volume but the same marks as a 1CC.