Tyson Vs. Lewis

OK. Time for the big one. Tyson Vs. Lewis. Place your bets please!

Oh man, if Tyson is anything like his former glory in this one: definitely Tyson. Hmmm, after thinking a bit about this one: still Tyson.

I’ll vote Lewis. Tyson’s too far past his prime…he’s not been training enough, instead he’s just been spending all his time and energy making those frozen processed chicken products.

No question about it. If Tyson manges to avoid disqualification for dirty fighting, he will be knocked out, early.

Lewis will win by knockout.

tyson chicken is not processed to my knowledge… im rootin for lewis

I’m just hopin’ really that Tyson can do it. I’ve never been a Lewis fan. Oh, and for all you boxing fans: Roy Jones Jr. is in the Matrix Reloaded. Just a li’l FYI.

Lewis all the way. Patricia how could you vote for that cro-magnon fuck tyson?

'cuz I figured someone’s got to vote for the dude - no matter even if he is a cro-magnum F#%k of a guy. :-)))) Patricia

Lewis of course. Lewis would have destroyed Tyson in his prime. Tyson was a paper champ who never fought anyone good. Lewis is too big and too skilled for a chump like Tyson.

I hate Lewis, but he is the better boxer and should win. However he has shown himself susceptible to the one timer on the button. If anyone can come up with the big one timer on the button, it’s Tyson. Tyson’s boxing skills may leave a lot to be desired, but no one possesses his power. Lewis should be able to keep him away and box him to a victory. But, if he slips up and lets Tyson in with that big left hook, it’s all over. Lewis does not have the jaw that Hollyfield had. He’s gotta keep Tyson off him, he simply cannot take the punishment.

I’m going to vote for the cro-magnum f#ck. Molsonman, how can you say Tyson never fought anybody. He never fought anybody in the last few years. But he was Heavyweight champ at one time and fought the best there was at the time. I just don’t understand when people say a fighter never fought anyone when they fought the best at that time.

To Patricia: I’m a big Roy Jones fan, but what is up with him lately. He doesn’t want to fight any of the main contenders. He’s just fighting the easy fights.

Also wanted to add that if it goes past a few rounds then Lewis should win. I’m kind of stuck on who is going to win because both have been inconsistent in the past.

Well to each his own. But his full of shit crazy act is really starting to bother me. If he eats anymore of his opponents I just don’t know. I don’t vote for him cause he’s a complete asshole with the iq of a gumball machine, he’s a rapist and a general all round scum bag. But magnus is right…he does have a chance to win. However I want Lewis to school him so bad it looks like he doesn’t even know how to box. :slight_smile:

Lennox Lewis is no Holyfield but he should be able to hold his own with Tyson. Tyson is out of shape and too old. Though Lewis is susceptible to a one-puncher, his reach and youth will give him the victory by knockout.

I would bet that the fight will end w/ DQ or won’t go off at all. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Lewis on points, it will be a big let down like most of the heavyweight fights since Tyson v Holyfield.

just imagine if Tyson wins…

Isn’t it more that some fighters are “ducking” Roy Jones? I wouldn’t think he’d avoid any fighters - he’s too damn good. Also, who is a “somebody to fight” in his current weight class? Does Roy have anyone?

Oh, and Ko and I talked about this last night (yes, boxing is a topic of conversation in our house…!), and you know who Lewis should fight, but probably won’t? Vladimer Klitschko - or even his brother, Vitaly. These guys are incredible. Lewis probably won’t fight Klitschko, only cuz’ he’d definitely get annihilated. Just a thought.