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Tyson the gentleman

Well I did not see the fight live, but I saw the aftermath and the rundown on ESPN. I just wanted to say how the post-fight interview with Tyson surprised me. He was very calm and gracious, those who saw it know what I mean. I was impressed with Mike’s demeanor. From all the talk it seemed that the fight was all Lewis after the first round. Anyone see it live? Tell us about it.

They had him druged up or something. It was kind of scary to me.

The fight went like any sensable boxing fan would tell you. Lewis, with a major reach advantage would sit back and jab until Tyson would try to get inside and would use his right effectively. Also, from another perspective, Tyson was 15 lbs. heavier than his usual weight and used too much energy trying to get inside and that also contributed to his inability able to hold off Lewis after round 6. About Tyson’s demeanor, I have thought all along that the rage between the 2 was nothing more than hype and I think that after the fight neither felt the need to carry on the act. On the other hand, maybe the 2 had newfound respect for each other after the fight(but I kinda doubt it). Later.

Tyon’s corner did him an injustice. With giving up 6 inches in height and 13 inches in reach he should of been going to the body and not head hunting. The idea is to wear down the body and not expose yourself to counterpunches when head hunting.

I saw another interview where Tyson is carrying a baby girl in his arms and he uttered the word “marvelous” - perfect pronounciation, no slurring. But yes, Lewis used his reach advantage and his jab. Did you guys see the number of jabs that Lewis landed? 109 out of 205. Amazing.

I did not see the fight…damn. However I did hear about Tyson being a human being after the fight and not some lower primate as he usually is. I’m just glad he lost. I’m thinking that is behaviour is partially an act encouraged by his handlers. Which is still no excuse as he can make his own choices. Tyson acted resonably after the fight…big deal whocares that’s how he should act. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was weird, but guess what. Tyson isn’t as dumb as you think, nor as crazy as you think. He was being nice to set up a rematch. if he were to go nuts and be an asshole at that point, they’d say, why bother?

I’ve always though that Tyson is a much nicer guy in real life. What we see on tv is an image that was partially created during his first alleged rape case, when prosecutor decided to play along the lines of presenting him him as an animal. If you listen to guys who really worked with Tyson and knew him for a long time you’ll see that he was a rather nice guy outside the camera.

I watched the fight live, and yes, Tyson got his ass kicked; however, if it were anyone else, they would have got knocked out in the 2nd or 3rd round, but Tyson continued to take numerous blows to the face until he finally went down in the 8th.

Boxing, especially heavyweight, is notorious for being fixed. This fight (no I can’t say for sure and yes feel free to flame me) reeked of tampering. I’m not saying that Lewis wouldn’t have beaten him regardless but this fight sure looked rigged. From the stunt that Tyson pulled early on in the fight (where he seemed to forget that he had to lose) to the fact that he wasn’t fighting like he has his entire career/life. Tyson is a bull and has always fought that way (especially against taller fighters) even when he’s lost. He always finds a way to get inside but in this fight he just hung out on the outside and allowed himself to get hit (he is quite stupid but not quite that stupid). When he did get the opportunity to throw a clean shot it was way off target or slower than an old man taking a shit! Yes, maybe it possible (at least theoretically) Tyson has just totally fallen off but I really do smell something funny.

bodyguard that funny thing you smell is just the realization that tyson is not what everyone thinks he is. He hasnt looked like the old tyson since coming out of jail.
If anything the fight was rigged in favor of tyson.
There was the standing 8 count which was not allowed but the ref did it anyway. tyson was dropping and lewis was going to knock him out when the ref jumped in and gave a standing 8. before the fight the commentators said there would be no standing 8.
and while lewis did fight pretty dirty the ref was quite harsh on him. while lewis was holding in the earlier rounds and deserved a couple of warnings tyson was holding in the later rounds and lewis was the one being warned.