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Tyson Meyers 1884lbs Raw Total




no vid :frowning:


why do we keep seeing raw squats far in excess of raw deadlifts?


I gotta guess lack of lockout strength. I noticed that as well.


Probably has something to do with knee wraps and/or short arms. Alot of guys with short arms have (unsurprisingly) short legs meaning better levers for squats and bench and not so much for deadlift. Add in those knee wraps and it's really not surprising for a guy to out-squat his deadlift.


Gotta figure there is a gameplay element involved as well. The squat sets the tone for the meet, and it's the first lift, when you'll be the freshest. Come deadlift time, 3 max effort squats and benches later, you may be more inclined to pull a safe dead that nets you the win vs risking the meet to hit an all time PR.


its consistent too. this guy not as bad, at least within 100lb, but i still think guys aren't training their deadlift as hard as they should. it could also be any of or a combination of the other reasons posted.


I met this guy in person, got a picture with him. Talked to his mom who is really nice :D, he's actually a really cool guy. A friend of mine got his number and he might be a bit of our mentor :D. Squat was insane I can tell you that much!


There's a graph somewhere which lists squats vs deads according to bodyweight. The lighter people are, the more they deadlift; the heavier, the more they squat. I believe the intersection was somewhere around 232lbs bodyweight.

You probably see higher squats than deadlifts because the majority of monster raw totals are done by heavier lifters.


You see heavier squat than deadlifts because the deadlift is raw, the squat is with knee wraps. The squats are high. Blablabla .... "can you do it yourself?" .... "they had white lights!"... Blablabla. Still high in my book. Hip joint lower than knee? I think not.


interesting johnnytang, i'll look for than now. as always jonatan-shg, i agree for the most part, and what do ou think the knee wraps add? i get little from them.


Another good thread polluted with the squat nazi's and deadlift ho's

Awesome raw total at 242, thats a great multiply total!


I'll wrap you up with an old 2m wrap, that'll give 80lb easy...

How much carryover you get from the wraps depends on, of course whether they are 2 or 3 meter, whether or not you have the required stability for heavy weights, and how tight wraps you can take. My knees are still bruised from last time I wore wraps... 8 days ago.