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Tyson Is Making a Comeback?

Yes, I just saw this on CNN:

I had thought he was a heavy marijuana smoker, so I wonder how that is going to affect his cardiopulmonary health.

It looks like he is hitting the pads ferociously, but maybe if he at his age is attempting this, then I ought to make and post a few videos of my own shadowboxing or something.

Or maybe he discovered some other otherworldly drug?

More cheque drops.

It is nothing like tobacco. There is research showing an increase in lung capacity in cannabis smokers. It is not conclusive why that would be, but the most popular theory is that the inhaling of cannabis physically is similar to an effect from FDA approved breathing devices to exercise the lungs and increase capacity.

If you look up an incentive spriometer, it is a device used to increase lung capacity, and it has a striking similarity to a “water pipe”, or hookah.

While I agree partially with this, and wish I had the time to fire one up, I would have to say that the inhalation of any smoke, be it weed or tobacco, is not going to beneficial for the lungs.

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It might not be beneficial to some aspects of lung health (and quite possibly detrimental), but has been shown to induce a minor increase in capacity.

I know a few high level endurance athletes that bring this up as their justification for use.

I know more than a few high level fighters who smoke staggering amounts of weed. It is incredibly common in the jiu jitsu community. These guys can smoke weed and train for hours on end and have no issues with poor breathing.

I’m not so sure about boxing, but it don’t think it will be too detrimental to Mike Tyson and whatever goals he may have at his age.

I would agree that hot smoke of any kind isn’t going to be good for your airways, but marijuana smoke seems to have the capacity to dilate the bronchial tubes, making air flow easier. I have experienced this phenomenon while doing breathing squats under the influence of marijuana. Some of my best back squatting days have been after a toke. Of course it is extremely important that you practice the mechanics of breathing to take advantage of this; smoking up isn’t going to magically make you a better breather if you have faulty breathing patterns, like eating a steak won’t make you a better squatter (if you don’t squat).

Anyways, if you look into interviews with Tyson, you’ll learn that he has been a heavy marijuana user since he was like 12 or something.

I didn’t think there was a known mechanism?

I was under the impression that we just have the theory that smoking it doesn’t seem to negatively impact lung capacity, and that the act of smoking exercises the lungs to a degree, and the net of this is a small increase in lung capacity.

The research I saw was not the newest, so maybe they figured it out?

My interpretation and observation over the years is that it has the ability to be used as a bronchodilator. So it’s relaxing your respiratory apparatus, ergo less resistance when taking a deep breath. I’ve also noticed this while taking ice baths or cold showers (under the influence). Deep, controlled breathing is a lot easier. Theories are based on assumption; this is easily practicable and observable.


Yeah, it’s a miracle his heart hasn’t exploded…

this thread got a fair bit into marijuana, but i just saw this video in which there is speculation that Tyson might be on TRT. Or possibly that he is just enough of a freak athlete that he can actually perform like that on the pads anyway.

Interesting discussion in the video.

Given that Mike looked like a full grown man as a 12 year old, I feel like TRT is actually NOT the occam’s razor solution that it typically is.

Mike is definitely a once in a lifetime genetic specimen.

Full disclosure being that I am a child of the 80s and 90s, where the most feared video game bosses at that time were Count Dracula, Ganon and Mike Tyson, so my perspective may be off.

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Absolutely, Tyson is just a once in a lifetime guy. Once in a century in my view.

Prime Tyson is the most perfect fighter I have ever seen. Physically, technically, mentally (once in the ring). Sometimes someone comes along and it’s a guy for whom the rules of nature just don’t apply. Mike is on another level up from genetically elite world champs.

That said, I don’t want to see him come back. Especially not as a dope smoker. Boxing and weed, individually, are bad for your brain. Boxing, older age, and weed together is a shitty combination. If his toughness is greater than his ringcraft, which I am certain it will be, he could put a serious dent in what was otherwise looking like a happy and comfortable - and perhaps even peaceful - old age a long way from the life he came from and the demons he carried in those early years.

I love him, as a fighter he was a great hero of mine, as a man I respect him for what he has made of himself. I think any come back risks far more than he would gain.

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This is probably the first time that a discussion has devolved into marijuana, and a Joe Rogan video actually brings it away from that tangent.


Jesus, the weed discussion is just plain stupid. As if inhaling some shit is better than not over the long term. As for Tyson, of whom I’m a fan, I think Teddy Atlas got it right. He only had five real fights and lost them all. Teddy’s take was only five fighters weren’t frightened of him and they won. Regardless of that I always thought Lewis would beat him at any peak, his size and style were all wrong for Tyson’s attributes.

this just in. It turns out he is using stem cells. Interesting. I don’t suppose it is exactly steroids, I had thought that all the religious ‘we shouldn’t be playing God’ people were lobbying to get this illegalized.

What does anyone know of this?

Considering Tysons previous “children eating” strategy, stem cells isn’t that far of a reach.


this is actually getting more steam to it.

I believe they use stem cells from the patient’s own body fat or bone marrow.

Fingers in my ears, lalalalalala, can’t hear you. Tyson is comic book super hero to me. Don’t be wreakin’ me buzz man!!