Tyrosine & Tryptophan

I started supplementing with these two after doing some readings that they’re precursors to the main neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. I thought it may give me some better focus and concentration as well as anti anxiety effects of having higher serotonin.

Strangely enough I noticed when I used tyrosine I got symptoms of what I believe to be Low dopamine ie. felt anti social, non talkative, depressed flat mood, lower body temp and bp, pulse. Tryptophan made me really want to be organized and arrange everything neatly, felt irritable and in a haze almost like low serotonin symptoms of ocd.

I’ve used adderall before so I know what high dopamine should feel like… it’s strange that taking in precursors is giving me the opposite effect… when I’m not using these two, I’m a pretty happy go lucky guy, social and adventure seeking. Has anyone else experienced this before or have a likely explanation? Are my natural levels of precursors high enough already and this is tipping the jar over so to speak…

I use 500mg of tryptophan every night before sleep and never had an issue. What time are you taking it?

500?! I have to split a 200mg cap in half so I don’t feel like a zombie the next day… I wonder what this means about my brain chemistry… I take it before bed too.

I’ve used 5-htp, theanine, and vitamin B6 as a bit of a feel good stack with decent results.

But as with anything, ymmv.