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Tyrosine Protocol for 1B

Coach, i am 1B and currently use Tyrosine this way:
700mg - 3 days a week (non training days);
1,300 g - 4 days a week.
Do you think can I develop some resistance (or dependance) about Tyrosine? Should I do some form of cycling?
Thank you.

No, it’s an amino acid and the body will convert it to dopamine at the rate it is efficient to use. Is it acetyl-l-tyrosine or just tyrosine… because if its normal tyrosine these levels are fairly low and that won’t be a problem.

It’s just Tyrosine.
Do you think this dose is low for having this desirable effect?
Is there a way to make this more eficient ?

Well, the dose you are taking is enough to get an effect if your conversion to dopamine is efficient. You can add the active form of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, P5P) which increases the convertion and rhodiola which lengthen the duration of action of dopamine.