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Tyrosine for Cognitive Enhancement


"People are different: tyrosine's modulating effect on cognitive control in healthy humans may depend on individual differences related to dopamine function"


Do you find that tyrosine impoves your cognition?


I'll be using it as part of a fat-burning stack soon so I'll let you know


Thanks mate. What stack are you on ATM?


no fat burning stack currently, but when I do it'll be clen, yohimbine, tryosine and green tea exract. My diet'll be a PSMF.

If you're not into running clen, you could use ephedrine instead.


bookmarked, will read later.


I've been experimenting with Tyrosine for a couple months now. I've used 2 grams 2x per day for work purposes and 3 grams 1x for musical performances. It's early days yet, but so far I notice greater focus with the 3 gram dose. I don't know if 2 grams is sufficient to do anything remarkable.


Not surprised to hear that at all. According to US Military Research you might need doses as high 100mg/1 kg body-weight. This means 10 grams for someone like me.


Ephedrine works great (in low doses) for energy but doesn't combine well with tyrosine in my experience.


Interesting. I'll give that a try, although it would get pricey to use on a daily basis at that dose. So far I've been using it situationally, which is sufficient for my needs.


aye probably not, but with all those drugs in me I'll feel like shit anyway. I just suck it up for a month


I use Tyrosine as spring approaches. It causes you to have more melanine in your skin, so you get a better suntan.

'Works very well for that purpose.


That's is probably the best approach anyway- you don't want to use it on a daily basis due to tolerance issues.


Any subjective feelings on Clen?


It sure as shit works! Every day you wake up looking better.

The sides aren't really all that bad. Muscle cramps and shakes for the most part. I dose it reasonably conservatively compared to some.


It would be cool if you kept this thread updated, or started a new one on your cut/stack. I would like to know how it goes and how you feel throughout, because I care...


sure man, no worries


So, back to Tyrosine. Took 5 grams about 1 hour before a 3 hour musical performance yesterday. I felt... good. Concentration and energy were up, anxiety was down a small amount (I always get nervous before performing). No "buzz" like I would get if added extra caffeine. I just felt like I focused better than I ordinarily would.

The effect lasted nearly the entire 3 hours. I felt energy lag a bit for the last 30 minutes, which is typical.

For the record, I am a 145 lb female and I would definitely say 5 grams is better than 3 grams for me.


Yes, tyrosine doesn't amp you up the same way as other stimulants but in my experience it allows you to perform when the time comes


Its damn good and you should definitely experiment with other nootropics.


I tried a huge number of them. Tyrosine ranks easily in the top 3