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Tyrosine + Caffeine = Thumbs Up


I've been doing alot of reading on tyrsoine, tryptophan, and a bunch of other natural amino acids and herbs for just everyday stress. I originally was reading up on tyrosine to use with my ECA stack to alleviate some of the anxiety/mood swings Ephedrine can cause. Well I found a whole bunch of fun little facts.

I found that when 200mg of caffeine is combined with 1.5-2g of tyrosine you get a stimulating effect like the ECA stack but with a much more euphoric mood and even the same type of appetite suppression. I'm looking into getting some Phenibut to throw into the mix as well.

But wow, if anyone is looking for a good, strong stimualting effect as well as a euphoric mood give the tyrosine + caffeine a try. I'd reccomend 1.5-2g of tyrosine and 200mg of caffeine.

Also, if anyone is looking for a mood elevator, look into a Tryptophan + Tyrosine + Phenibut combination. The 3 combined supposedly give a hell of a wham to anxiety and shitty moods by elevating seratonin naturally.

It also acts as a natural sleep aid, and I've been getting some of the best sleep of my life by taking 1.5g tyrosine and 500mg tryptophan before bed. I know the tyrosine + tryptophan works, but Phenibut is supposed to boost the efficacy of the combination tenfold. I'll update as soon as I get some.


Tyrosine + caffeine (+yohimbe) is what's in Spike Shooters, and those really get me going.

Does your sleep stack make you oversleep or feel groggy in the mornings? I find that with Z-12 or even ZMA I routinely sleep through my alarm


Really? Hmm never had spike shooter or checked out the ingredients. I've yohimbine has a strong stimulant effect too.

Nope, not at all. I always wake up for my alarm, although there are some occasions I sleep through it but that only happens when im at the gym late and do cardio, drains me especially if I cant get 8 hours sleep. My stack calms me down and mellows me out, makes me tired and puts me to sleep and a deep sleep at that, but not so deep that my alarm can't wake me up. I get no groggyness or hangover effect, just feel refreshed.

Read up on the combination a little online, I have seen a bunch of positive reviews and very few if any negative reviews, most of which were fixed with a simple dose change/increase because some were starting off too low of a dose.


Also, I forgot to mention that a B vitamin complex or B6 specifically taken with or a couple mins before the tyrosine + tryptophan combination increases the metabolism of the combination. B6 supposedly plays a vital role in the metabolism of Tyrosine and can help as well with Tryptophan.


Do you think tryptophan would work better for sleep purposes on its own? After all tyro stimulates dopamine (arousal) whereas tryptophan makes you serene.

Most definitely agree that tyrosine and caffeine is good shit. 1 thing though, in my experience, soon i wasn't responding, so had to up the dose on each, and this was not good. Adrenaline was going mad and when i stopped because the dose was high it made me feel mentally drained for a few days


You may very well be right with the tryptophan on its own or stacked with Phenibut for sleep purposes. I have read many good reviews about stacking phenibut with whether it be tryptophan or tyrosine as it increases the efficacy of them.

As for the tyrosine and caffeine, I'm not sure how you would build up a tolerance to them, maybe the caffeine is possible, but I thought since Tyrosine is an amino acid, it only comes down to whether your body is saturated enough with it and building a tolerance to it would be quite difficult.


Yeah you're right, i don't understand it either. I tried tyro a few times as a replacement for caffeine. It may have been the case that my body just lacked caffeine and the tyro couldn't help with that, i don't know.


I believe tyrosine is affected by caffeine like Ephedrine is. Maybe not through the same technical pathways, but you can get what I mean hopefully. When you take ephedrine by itself you hardly feel any effect, yet when you stack it with caffeine it's supercharged and you really feel the effects.

It's the same with tyrosine. I've tried taking it alone, say 2g, but with no real boost. Then I've gone and stacked it with the 200mg caffeine and boom, 30mins - 1 hour later instant boost.

I've also had it where the first morning dose of tyrosine and caffeine didn't do much, but my afternoon dose really hit me. Like I said before it probably had to do with body saturation of tyrosine. It could have been on that particular morning my tyrosine levels were extra low and the morning dose wasn't sufficient enough to fully saturate my body, but the added afternoon dose brought my body levels back up above normal and that's when and why I felt the afternoon dosing, but not the morning dosing.


The stack does work, but due to Caffeine's insulin-resistance effects, I try to avoid it unless I'm cutting. Tyrosine's still good, though. :slightly_smiling:


L-tyrosine will also help you get a tan. I get a nice buzz off the tyrosine, but I never tried it with caffeine. I'll see how it works.


Gives me anxiety.


Heh, I'm glad someone said that! I've been noticing it gives me crazy anxiety!


I've used Tyrosine and DMAE together before (3 grams/200 mg). Based on this thread, I tried that with a Yohimbine capsule (2.5 mg), with a little coffee (or green tea, today).

VERY nice combination. I didn't eat very much today (rest day) and the stack made me not notice the hunger, I had energy and could concentrate very well. No jitters! Nice overall sense of well-being (and I was feeling a little irritable, before I took these sups).