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Tyrone Spong Weight Lifting


i guess that shows that mostly their programs sucks and whoever is coaching him doesn't have an idea of what is he doing.

Probably the average T NATIONer deadlift more than him, now spend more time in the ring!


How much were those plates?


It would be easy to say it's a crappy program. (Some parts are atrocious, that PT has some cojones to sign the vid with his name!)
But let's assume, this is random footage from various sessions and we don't know Tyrone's complex history of injuries.

Or, from an optimist's perspective: Never mind the program, it looks like he'll have some nice newbie gains.


meh Im stronger than him but he looks better way than me and is a k1 fighter.I lose..


I am curious how someone can judge a strength and conditioning program from a 15 min clip.

Add on top of that what ever he is doing obviously is working as he is one of the better kickboxers in the world. So I will save the criticism until the day I can enter a ring and beat him.


punchedbear- as I said, we don't know what's really going on, but you could easilly say it's crappy:

Tyrone is a big guy and would have been far more powerful in the gym if he'd have a gym background.
Injuries, aside, apparently he's a beginner when it comes to the iron.
It would have been simpler and way more sensible to porperly show him basic exercises and to pile on the plates in the next weeks/months.

a bizarre pairing of a speedy bpress, pushups and shadowboxing with dumbells(!), situps with baby weights and the shitty bench situp? He's basically wasting his precious time here!
I won't even mention the static stretching immediately after an exercise in the middle of the workout?

This coach does think it's better to lump together crazy shit du jour when Tyrone would profit more from a very down to earth workout, with minimal accessory work and modifications for K-1.


just to show that nothing trumps the basics.


You know as I watch more and more of it I get the feeling that its all for camera. The intensity in which he was working there seemed really low for a world class athlete. I just dont get the feeling like that was a typical session for him. Not sure the purpose of that but it seemed very staged and light.

With that said I have seen to many internet trainers crap on the programs of pro athletes. It seems especially popular in the fight sports to question trainers. Somehow they all read Wendlers book and know more somehow.

I am not insulting you in this post but its just something that irks me.


This is the internetz, feel free to insult me if it's good for you :wink:

Dude, but really, most trainers just aren't that great.
Like C. Staley, I believe that roughly two thirds of all people aren't exactly brilliant in their profession nor do they aspire to or feel passionate about it. They just want to get paid and live their lives.

Most "serious" T-Nationeers who have a few years under their belt (training I mean, not reading) should be able to do better for Tyrone since this is really a hub of great information, methods and debate.

What you wrote:

applies exactly to the dude we saw in the video.
BTW there's some authors who I disagree very much with. And I can exactly say what bugs me and why in technical terms without getting personal or vague.

Pushing iron isn't rocket science, at least at the level most guys work at, that includes Tyrone.
At least if there are no injuries.
Yes, it could be he's deloading and just fooling around in the gym, but that's rather improbable.

A beginner profits immensely from just exploring, understanding and mastering basic exercises.
By that I mean: Pull/Chinups, Presses, Bench Press, Rows, Squats, Deadlifts.
And it's painfully obvious that Tyrone, while making some progress (he's a beginner), is NOT going benefit optimally nor explode like Overeem.
A good coach is fantastic for getting the most out of the basic exercises in a short time.
A bad coach will have him do too much, use fancy shit and generally irritate more then sharpen his concentration for the main lifts. That's btw totally common today.

AFTER he's put on some weight on the bar, you can and probably should do a cycle that focuses on explosivity.
I don't mean 3x bodyweight for deadlifts a la Waterbury, I mean very modest numbers. Tyrone is not even pressing his bodyweight on the bench, but is told to do some "bench situp", speed presses, static stretching.

After increasing your numbers by a nice amount, you can do some funky shit like supersetted weight + plyometric stuff. Because actually achieving a bodyweight x1.3 bench makes you more explosive then staying at bodyweight followed by doing clasping pushups.


gotta love T-Nation.


I agree Spong should hire him he promises to make him the size of Overreem. :slight_smile:

Seriously that looked like a legit workout to people? He isnt sweating or breathing hard. Nor does he look like he is really pushing the weight with much effort.

I get what he is saying about mastering basic lifts and leaving the sitting on a physioball doing lat raises out but I am not gonna shit on a trainer from a 15 min clip.


have you guys ever seen that old show, where they used to take various athletes, and have them compete togther in different athletci events? i saw Joe Frazier on there one time, and he got schooled by everyone, to include a freakin golfer (outlifted him substantially!)... but Frazier could still kick all their asses.

my points are as follows 1) Spong is still a badass 2) it's just a clip, and prolly not a full workout 3) we argue about stupid, academic shit way too much here...


He'd be better than he is now if he had a better conditioning/lifting regiment: bottom line.


How do you know this? How do you know what his program looks like?

A 15 min clip doesnt show you shit. Unless you are in the gym do in and day out with the guy you have no freaking clue what he is doing.

So Bottom Line you just talked out of your ass.:slightly_smiling:


Unless his regiment is perfect, it can be improved.

If it's improved, he will improve. Being stronger and better conditioned for your size is always a plus.

On another note: the combat section is really going downhill... and is starting to remind me of other MMA/MA forums with people showing up just to be dicks.

Sad. I really appreciated that this wasn't a "my balls are bigger than your balls, I'm more badass than you" forum...


not much similar, but i loved Pros VS Joes.


Conditioning/lifting isn't the bottom line...some could argue him switching from Lucien Carbin as a trainer being his problem. shrug Not that I agree with that...but let's look at all areas that makes a fighter great. Could be a mindset issue...who knows. Spong is still a beast,imo.


Sponge is pretty awesome. Also I think Ubereem has clearly show us all that the more you lift (especially like a strong man) the better fighter you will be. Now let's all go take our vitamin T and wait to become respected pro athletes.


different strokes for different folks, striking is a skill sport with weight classes strength training really isn't all that important


Go tell that to Coleman, Randleman, Mark Kerr, Lesnar, Overeem.