Tyron Woodley Natural?

Here’s a current photo
Here’s a photo during fight time?
What’s with the drastic difference?

Walk around vs fight weight.

I know they are drug tested, but surely no professional sportsman would take PED’s? Lol.

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Cmon man look how dense he is during fight day! Look like he lost muscle not just gained fat!

Believe what you want.

He just finished fighting. Muscles are pumped.

This is what he looked like at weigh ins.


He’s on tons of drugs. So much so that his MD has to monitor how much blood he has in his drugstream.

Happy now?


He took his top off. Shirts blur out a lot of definition



@naturallyhard, why does it matter to you? You will never have a comprehensive answer, and even if you did, how would it benefit you?


Well if he ain’t then I’m not because I’m as big looking (though + 8cm and +8kilos)

No one’s said anything about OP’s username?

Just give up. You’ll never get teh gainz or the womenz. Life is suffering. Embrace it and have a good cry.

He’s 5’9 and only 170, just looks extremely muscular due to the leanness. Still a muscular dude over all, but nothing screams out PEDS to me. Especially as the UFC also recently banned the use of TRT as well. They are cracking down hard on drug use in MMA right now, if you get caught you can get suspended for over a year.

Unless you are John Jones.