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Tyra Banks Sabotage


Tyra Banks is actually doing an episode of "What you might lose, if you lose weight."

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? She has invited people who have lost friends and family because of their weight loss.

man... how sucky is that?

it is like an afterschool special warning women to stay fat if they want friends, boyfriends and family.


Maybe it's to deter them from becoming anorexic or developing eating disorders, instead of getting healthy.

Of course I'm not familiar with the show, so my opinion doesn't matter.



apparently this is a hero to Tyra


and from NAAFA


and do Kate Harding's army know she is fat, but not obese? And that she does glamor shots?


but it's only right that people can feel good about themselves no matter what they look like. We should see through the layer of blubbery goodness to see the beauty within.


Oh fuck. Sorry, I just had some sort of seizure and saw what I posted.

WFT. Death to all fatties!!!!!!




you know.. . I like your point. Why should fat people get a pass?

what about ugly folks? or dirty folks or assholes, all are victims of their situation

I just don't like that it seems like Tyra is warning women to not lose weight because they might lose their best friend, their family or their man. She has these women on who because they lost weight lost their best friend, their sisters, and their man.


just thinking out loud but....probably something to do with her modelling career?????? like because of the pressures shes been under to stay thin, which perhaps she didnt like or found a struggle???

I dont think you should be encouraged to be obese though, however being fat and it becoming a health risk are two very different things.


Losing their friend or sisters I can understand. But explain the losing their man part. Do guys really leave their wife/gf because they LOST weight?

Also, the show does seem one sided. To keep it fair, she should have people who lost friends, family, men BECAUSE they were fat.


Tyra is a faggot....and so is Oprah. bitchez


I should clarify, I am not bashing fat people, I am just not a fan of an episode that seems to be touting the ramifications of losing weight.

It is almost an episode of telling people to stay fat if they want to stay healthy.

No.. not a fat, chubby, pudgy, or whatever bashing.

I am just not into warning people against losing weight.

I may have come across wrong.


i hate those damn shows, because of oprah,my mom thinks that any person who watches internet porn is a psycho freak


I agree. I absolutely hate things like this because then it gives obese people an excuse. "Well if Tyra said I could more than just weight, maybe I shouldnt lose weight at all." People will use this as an excuse. Anyone in your life that is going to turn their back on you for getting healthly is not worth having in your life to begin with. Your better off without them.


But that is not reality. The brutal truth is that people do judge by looks. I don't know why, maybe it is a reflection of their own personal worth.


I am going to burn for posting this




Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if we all just starting brutally ripping on fat people and treating them like shit. Then they would either lose weight, kill themselves, or form a colony of their own away from normal people. Then we could make a TV show out of their colony in which we adopt fatties of our own and make them fight by dropping chocolate cake between them.


Not true. I am grotesque, and I have never been told that I was hot, or good looking, or handsome, or even cute. You would think that at least ONE chick out there would find me even mildy attractive........... So the "eye of the beholder" thing is bullshit.

Except for my mom. She always tell me what a handsome guy I am, and that the chicks are crazy not to want to go out with me.

Anyway. Tyra Banks has an agenda. That agenda is hatred toward men. Most female talk show hosts hate men on principle alone, with no real subjectivity. Just hating men for hate's sake.

I watched her show when Sasha Grey was on it. Tyra was incredibly condescending. She doesn't let anyone voice any opposing opinion, if she does it is always met with her severely warped sense of "what is right". You can totally tell that she is NOT grounded in reality, and has no clue as to how the real world operates... She's just an empty vessel that can only see things in her light.

You can see what a lifetime of people kissing a pretty girls ass can do to to her through Tyra Banks. She believes that she lives in "perfect land" where she is the princess of everything she sees. It's quite unnerving.