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Typical Workout and Diet

Just thought I’d list todays workout which was a leg emphasis event:

~ Sat 24th Oct 2020 ~

  1. Dumbbell Squat (30-10-30)
  2. Leg Press (2-4)
  3. Timed Static Squat

  1. Reverse Leg Raise (3-3 w/omni-contraction)
  2. Leg Curl (Holds)
  3. Close Grip Pulldown (30-10-30)
  4. Chest Press (30-10-30)
  5. Rear Neck Raise (12-12-12 + reps)

21 minutes from start to finish
Weighed 216 1/4 lbs at around 11% bodyfat

Diet is 2750 cals: 60% carbs - 25% fats - 15% protein
1 gallon ice cold water


Jeff is one of my best-ever trainees. His routine is superb.

Thank you, Jeff.

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@Jeff60 How tall are you? Do you have any pictures you would mind sharing or anything?

This has got me interested because the training and diet is different to what most of the big strong guys around here do.

I’m just under 5’ 10". The picture in my avatar is me.

Jeff, have you been growing muscle with this amount of protein?
I am genuinly interested since I also consume around 100-120g of protein a day, but ever since incorporating this I have been de-routed with my training few times due to injuries so I couldn’t test it myself.

good to see regular updates from you.
Your before and after photos are testimony to not only Dr Darden’s training and dietary methods, but your own efforts . Plus having the courage to post photos in the first place has to be commended , as it authenticates both your routines and opinions.


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There is no way you are 11% bf, you look closer to 30%.


Are these pics on this site or the old one? I’m interested to see.

Hi Hogar,
In 2016 I gained about 10 lbs of muscle and lost 53 lbs of fat on this diet. Since then I’ve gained around another 12 lbs of muscle. The fat loss is documented in Dr. Darden’s Killing Fat book.

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Thanks Mark

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They are in Dr Darden’s book “Killing Fat” ,
although I know that Jeff has posted photos before in the past (i cannot remember where though)

They’re in Killing Fat

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Thank you


Good job on the weight loss but, he is not 11% or anywhere near that. He gained 38 lbs of mostly muscle at his age? ok…


I believe that Dr Darden took the measurements.
So there is no better place than here to address your scepticism over his results/measurements , by asking him the question.

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216lbs around 11% is an absolute tank. I’d love to see more pichurs too

Jeff has an interesting physique. He looks fatter than he measures with skinfold calipers. He is much stronger than he looks. Up close his body is solid, much more than he appears in photos.

I’ve measured, photographed, and trained several other men who would fall into the same category as Jeff. It’s probably related to his genetics.

The amount of weight that someone loses doing a program is pretty easy to measure accurately. How that is apportioned (fat loss plus muscle gain) is harder to assess accurately, because it requires pretty accurate measurements of percent body fat, a notoriously difficult measurement. You can see this if you just play with the calculations a bit. A couple percentage point change in either the starting or ending percent body fat can alter the estimate for muscle gain by a non trivial amount.

What I have read is that as you get fatter, skin fold measurements of body fat get trickier. In Jeff’s case, he started with about 33% body fat and a BMI close to 32. I think that gets into the range where skin caliper measurements become less reliable. Furthermore, he starts off with a pretty big belly, which suggests he may have started with a lot of visceral fat, which I don’t think skin fold measurements can pick up.

Hi average_al,
You’re right. I have an annoyingly protruding belly!

FYI: Before I went to see Dr. Darden I took part in a research study at Loughborough University - the top sports university in the UK. The study compared percentage bodyfat measurements taken using DEXA, Bod Pod and skin fold calipers methods. I was consistently around 23% - 24% in all 3 methods. I continue to visit Loughborough regularly to be measured by their science sports lab. I can only go on what they report back to me.

Thanks for your interest.

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Now I’m confused. Are those other body fat measurements at your before or starting weight of 221?