Typical timeline to come back from crashed estrogen?

I think I crashed my E after a gyno scare.

It’s been two + weeks since I’ve taken an AI.

My knees are still very creaky (hurt going down stairs) and my muscles feel flat compared to a month ago. Much more mello mood too.

Until I get updated bloodwork is there anything I can do? Up the test? How long before the E levels come back to a somewhat normal level

Currently taking ralox and it’s slowly knocking down the knot.

Have you considered that taking a SERM can contribute to/prolong crashed E? lol

I was under the assumption it would contribute to prolong the timeline but not zero out my level. Am I wrong to assume that?

I do not think Raloxifene is capable of crashing your estrogen. But if you’re literally suffering crashed estrogen - it’s likely to hinder your recovery.

Do you have any Test P? I would push a higher dose of this to get your estrogen back in order, alongside temporarily stopping your Ralox.

This is anyone’s guess, it could be 1 or more weeks or even months for recovery.

How much AI did you take?

I have upped the test slightly. It’s Test E.

What’s strange is I’ve never had to take an
Ai before when I was on trt. At one point in the past I added 200 primo and that seemed to keep e in check but before adding that I never had a estrogen surge (outside of when I started and the doc had me on 5000 iu hcg with 125 test cyp but that really didn’t sit well and I was only on the hcg a few weeks)

A couple of months ago 200 test and 75 mast put me at 3500+ test (trough) and I really wasn’t expecting that. Naturally my E spiked as well.

If I pause the ralox while upping the test my fear is the knot near the left nipple area will get sensitive and swell again. How should I go about this to avoid further gyno issues.

Range: 250-1100

Oct 2023 — 632

Feb 2024 — 3554

Range: 35.0-155.0

Oct 2023 — 79.6

Feb 2024 — 1199.7

Range: 10-50

Oct 2023 — 48

Feb 2024 — 34.6

Range: 2.0-18.0

Oct 2023 — 5.7

Feb 2024 — 13.1

Range: < OR = 39

Oct 2023 — 25

Feb 2024 — 86

I think as soon as your gyno nodule starts swelling, you’re probably safe to lower test and start ralox again.

Or you could just keep test low and backfill with primo or mast. I’m running like 100 test weekly alongside NPP, Mast, DHB and have 0 estrogen problems.
Just enough test to provide sufficient estrogen, then everything else is low/no estrogen.

The mast seems to have killed all my gyno issues as well, with no AI or SERM. YMMV


Any idea why the test mast combo caused my test levels to skyrocket like that? First time I had used mast and from what I gathered 75 should not be enough to move the needle. I was primarily adding that on as a mood / libido booster

My belief is that the shbg lowering effect of mast, prov, tren, can cause bound testosterone to free up and be exposed to more aromatase enzyme causing high e2 symptoms.


No clue, but the best way to mitigate gyno symptoms is to lower test dosage enough that the symptoms are gone. I would start there as step 1 for gyno treatment.

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What dose of primo are you running with the 100 test

I’m running mast, not primo, but
100 Test
100 NPP
200 Mast
300 DHB

I felt fine at 100 test 200 mast. Another dude i know did this and saw gyno reduce.

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