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Typical Steroid User


"Although often considered similar to abusers of narcotics and other illicit drugs (e.g., heroin or cocaine), non-medical AAS users are remarkably different. These users follow carefully planned drug regimens in conjunction with a healthy diet, ancillary drugs and exercise. As opposed to the spontaneous and haphazard approach seen in abusers of psychotropic drugs, everything is strategically planned to maximize benefits and minimize harm. "This is simply not a style or pattern of use we typically see when we examine substance abuse" said Jack Darkes, Ph.D., one of the authors. "The notions of spontaneous drug seeking and loss of control do not apply to the vast majority of AAS users," added co-author Daniel Gwartney, M.D.

"These findings question commonly held views of typical AAS users and their underlying motivations," said Rick Collins, one of the study's authors."

Make steroids legal now!!


This has been posted before but is still a good read. Thanks


i never read this before. it makes sense though..........


Hahaha. Yeah, maybe once articles like this are on Dr. Phil and Oprah.


Steroids can never be legal.

People are too stupid to be allowed to use as they wish.

And the public will not allow it no matter how much effort is made to educate.

Steroids are more "dangerous" to society than weed, and have a much smaller "following"

And yet no one can seem to get weed legalized either.


Being legal or not doesnt 'allow' users to use as they wish, people use drugs of all kinds because they want to - not because the law condones or prohibits it. This is true from H to AAS.
The only difference is the sentence you get when caught.

Steroids are legal in the UK for the most part. People use as they wish, and those who do or have used - take myself, Bushy, Renton, Testanabol and many posters here - use(d) with the same intellect, care of lifestyle and goals as any other user or trainee.

Suggesting that legalizing AAS for retail sale is stupid, and obviously never going to happen as is the sale of cannabis cigarettes behind the counter - not when it isnt even Legal to smoke tobacco in public places or in many States drink Alcohol in open places.

I do however understand your frustration WC, in your governments sudden focus on AAS users since the Barry bonds-gate 'scandal'. 'Scandal' is in abbreviations as it wasn't a scandal to those who used ASS already, as we knew many sportsmen used them... and know that many more continue to!

I lived in the States when the Bondsgate scandal hit, and i remember the hype on Foxnews and other right-wing BS news sources.
Trouble is the liberals are of the same opinion...

FWIW cannabis was reduced from a class C substance to a controlled drug, like Benzo's and AAS. It is legal to have it with a prescription and if caught with it without, in most cases it is confiscated and destroyed - unless intent to supply is suspected.

This confused the young chav's here who thought this meant it was legal and they could all stroll around smoking blunts, just as they believe you can smoke a blunt in front of a cop anywhere in Amsterdam!
Until they got there gear taken and a fine, of course.

It is all ignorance - and with all drugs there are a proportion of users who are ignorant.. including alcohol.
In fact as soon as human interaction is applied - ignorance soon follows.




Steroids will never be legal in the U.S.

Thank God I live in a border city where AAS is plentiful on the other side.

Its just a 10-minute drive to pharmacy shelves stacked with Deca and Test.

God Bless Mexico

P.S. In Mexico there is sex in the champagne room. lol


this is kind of off topic, but when you cross the border back into the U.S. do they not search your belongings?


Yes, God bless the Queen and Viva Mexico! Let the Great Satan's empire burn....Well thats off subject. Joe, that was a great post mate. Also great post to the OP but really like we didn't know that already. I mean last time I shot at somebody because they were trying to break in to my rig, the dude wasn't wearing a muscle-t sporting 18' guns and in great shape. He wasn't trying to rob me and by default trying to get himself killed (if he would have come at me I would have said, "Mah Lord hes coming right for me!" and pumped his ass full of slugs) in order to get a couple more vials or test, deca, EQ, etc. Mo fucka needed some rock.


It depends Way. If your white you're alright most of the time. If you look visibly jacked they will search you. When my friend finally came back from Mexico in his Odyssey-esque trip he didn't bring shit back because he knew what would happen. They checked and double checked his documents just to make sure the extremely well spoken beaner didn't pull a fast one. Then they ransacked the truck and we they couldn't find anything but little Mexican trinckets (they smashed one of his clay piggy banks just cuz) they thanked him for his time and let him go. Like anybody is trying to cross over to this shithole now. Funny thing is and he told the race traitor of a Border patrol agent is that for all the time they are fucking around with him 4-8 cars loaded full of real drugs probably made it through. Attempt at your own risk. Sometimes they just shake their heads and put the stuff in a bin which they sell later or if you get a rookie with a boner and doesn't like you, you could land in a Mexican jail. I advice against it.


Gonaa have to argue that.


I go to a little pharmacy across once a week, it is about 500 yds. from the border. I can see the customs checkpoint as I inject in the backroom.
The customs guys know I probably go across for juice, but they know me already, I would not bother trying to smuggle when I can just drive for 30 min roundtrip back to my house.

P.S. There is a strip club called Danash, you take a girl into the private room for a dance, yeah right! they mean for sex,about $150.00.

Picture Above: What the girls look like!!


I see what you did there GB...lol even if it was unintentionally. Way, Wey, waaayyy, aye way! make sense now? lol


lol that kinda of whey is spelled "guey" find a Mexican and ask him to prove I'm right. I think that's what you meant. lol I'm still pissed about that piggy bank.