Typical Pull Rope Diameter for Competition?

I just built a frame for arm-over-arm pulls and I need to buy a thicker rope than the one that I already have. Since 50’ of thick rope is not exactly cheap, I would like to find out what the typical diameter is that’s used in competitions before I buy.

Potential follow-up question: I have found hardware for attaching a hook to a 1.5" rope, but I have been unable to find it for anything thicker. If 1.5" is too small, then does anyone have any ideas on how to securely fasten a hook to a thicker rope?


The big heavy lines that I’ve seen have woven loops to get the full strength of the rope due to the reduction of load strength that is created by the binding in knots.

A klemheist loop can be used to affix a hook or caribeaner to a rope if the full strength of it isn’t critical.

If you put up a pic. of the hardware I might be able to help you think through it or do a mock up/tutorial.

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Thanks! The full strength of the rope shouldn’t be critical for pulling the sled, so using a klemheist knot to secure a smaller rope/cord should work. I did not know about that kind of knot, it looks incredibly useful.

I’m having a bit of trouble visualizing the woven loops you mentioned; could you please post a pic if you can find one?

Here is a pic of the hardware:

I have not been able to find one for 2" rope, but maybe something similar can be substituted. (Just in case I decide to start pulling trucks and I need the full strength of the rope.)

This is a pretty good example. I guess the technical term is eye splice, but I’ve never been too good with technical terms for rope.

If that’s a bit much (eye splicing) a follow through figure 8 with a bight is a nice easy one that unties (doesn’t bind up on itself very badly) which can be tied through hook eyes and around things nicely.

I also like these for just making a nice loop, for the same reason.

But can’t remember the name to save my life.

Larger more firm ropes can be hard to dress or get tightened up well, and sometimes you may need to smack it nice and tight with a smacking type thing, like a piece of an axe handle.

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Very nice! You gave some excellent ideas. I went ahead and ordered the 2" rope, and it will be here in about a week. I will practice some of these knots on some old rope to see which one I can actually do (I am not the best with knots, but I enjoy learning new ones). Coincidentally, I have an axe handle in my car (artifact from when I lived in a high crime area), so I will make use of that.

Until now I had not looked at the minimal equipment thread; I will be spending some time looking through there today, it looks like a wealth of good information.


As I like to call them “a 3 ft long sweet spot”. :joy: Nothing quite like 'em.

I like the follow through figure 8 if it is temporary, and the butterfly like one for more permanent applications.

Glad I could help.

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Haha, I like that. I call it my whoopass stick, but I like that better.