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Typical Ephedrine Dose?


I started taking 50mgs of ephedrine per day before my workouts to give me a little boost. What is the typical ephedrine dosage? Should these be used 2 weeks on/off the same way that clenbuterol is used?


I would rather load caffeine anhydrous than ephedrine. I run ephedrine starting from 50mg to 150mg until I can't feel it which is around 4-6 weeks.


The Classic Stack

100 Mg caffein
50 Mg Ephedrine
100 Mg aspirin

now if you are over 250 lbs and your CNS can take it some run full 100 Mg ( not recomended IMO )


I get weird effects from ephedrine. One day, I will take 50mg with 100mg of caffeine, and I hardly feel a thing, another day I'm stimmed off my tits for the remainder of the day. Typically, I find that my tolerance builds up unfortunately fast, and I have to take a few days off before I'll start really feeling it again. This is while using pharmaceutical grade eph, too, so I know it's not the drug.

I like to alternate between modafinil and eph, and I get the same hit or miss sensation with the moda. Basically, once one starts to become less effective, I will switch back to the other indefinitely. It would probably be a good idea to completely come off of all stimulants for a month or so, but with a newborn baby, training for a show, and all sorts of business issues, I've taken that option off the table for the time being.


How much caffeine does your typical cup of coffee contain? Is this stack generally takem first thing in the morning or before a workout?


I use 20-40mg of ephedrine and 200-400 mg of caffeine before I lift. Only thing is, it destroys my appetite. So I only use it if I really feel like I'll need it. Not to mention, I develop a tolerance to stimulants very easy.


Don't know about you, but that is usually looked for in a stimulant/fat loss supplement! :wink:


Lol. No kiddin? I meant it hurts my appetite TOO much. I can go for the better part of a day without a meal and not realize it. I actually have to remind myself to eat and then force it down.


I don't have a loss of appetite with ephedrine for the most part. But, yohimbine..... TOTALLY different story. My body despises the stuff, period.


i use ephedrine all the time. if you are just starting out.. dont take more than 50 megs. do it with 3 no-doz (thats 300mg caffiene) and 300mg aspirin. twice a day if you really want to shed that flab.