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Typical Dumbass People (I'm Venting)


I try to ignore the idiots in this world, but after awhile, it's hard to take. Even from friends.

First example is at work, I bring my meals in everyday. I'm pretty strict with my diet, I don't eat out alot. Usually chicken, beef, brown rice, oatmeal, broccoli, etc. All the people in the office are always making comments and laughing about what I eat while they're eating hamburgers, french fries, enchaladas, etc. It just gets so fucking annoying! They are all fat and out of shape and have absolutely no concept of what it means to want to improve your body and take care of yourself. It's always, "hey man, you want to go with us to Jimboys, oh wait he doesn't eat that stuff, come on splurge just this once, be wild and crazy for a change man!!!!". This coming from a 30 year old fat guy with the cholesterol of a 50 year old. Jesus Christ people, don't you get it? I look this way because I am dedicated, I don't want to look like you!! Fuck off!

Another example, anytime my name comes up in a conversation, all the guys start doing their impersonation of me by talking in an Arnold Schwarzenneger voice because I weight train. Maybe I just work with a bunch of very stupid people. I always say, you know guys, there are other people in the world that weight train and eat healthy. I know its all in good fun but damn, every fucking day? I wish I could find friends that have the same interests and dedication as me, it would be great. All my work friends are smokers and get drunk every weekend, and they are in their 30's. I'm 27 and have never been into drugs, smoking, etc. I've been training and eating like this since I was 17.

I get phrases like, "you're anti-social, you're too serious, you're angry". These phrases get thrown at me all the time because I don't go out with friends from work. It's not that I don't want to hang out. It's that I don't want to hang out and drink, eat fast food, and be fucking stupid. Not only that but it interferes with MY LIFESTYLE.

If I pull out some protein powder, all the guys go "oh time for some steroids!", and then everyone starts lauging. I just think to myself, you people are just lost, truly lost. If I mention anything about my wife, they'll paint this picture of me being an overbarring, controlling maniac who doesn't let his wife eat unhealthy foods. All this because I WEIGHT TRAIN???? UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE. Weight training turns you into a brainless, abusive, psychopath according to them.

I guess this is the only place that I can come to and read, where people actually understand what it means to be dedicated to your health and training.

I do realize that most of this bizarre behavior stems from them feeling inferior as men because they are lazy pathetic skinny or fat guys, but I don't go out of my way to tell them that they fucking suck. Yet they feel the need to go out of there way to tell me how I'm weird because of what I do. It's almost to the point where it's a reverse discrimination type thing.


I understand.It is life man, and it suck. Don't expect anything from other people.


You should try some drugs, might calm you down.

Also why can't you go out for food with them? Pretty much everywhere has a healthy alternative now.


Ya, I don't think drugs would be the best thing for me. Maybe a massage would calm me down, are you a woman?

Like I said, they go out to fast food, places like Jimboys. Not only that it's cheaper to cook my meals at home.


You must be in the Sacramento area. Jimboys! Best tacos!!


Mmm Mexican food after a workout tastes so good, all the beans/rice/chicken. That Jimboys says it makes everything from scratch and the oil has no trans fat. Have a burrito salad with just beans and chicken, no cheese or tortilla if you're worried about that stuff.


Sounds like my work.The two guys I work with eat out pretty much every day.The one guy actually admitted to me after working with me for about two weeks that him and his very chubby wife didn't even turn their oven on for about four months,all take out.More money than brains.Now he's a type 2 diabetic at age twenty four...good job guy.

The other dude in the office found out his friend was going to the U.S. and asked him to pick up fifty bucks worth of three muskateers chocolate bars for him and his very chubby wife.By the way he is type one diabetic...go figure.Nice guys but zero self dicipline.It's sad really.At least they don't make fun of the healthy meals I bring everyday.Actually the one guy gave me his gym membership with ten months left on it for free...I win.


Just a note. Stop taking this all so seriously. There are other things in life to get worked up over. Nobody will really understand. Try being a vegetarian...talk about comments. People make fun of what they don't understand and of things that they wish they could do as well. Lighten the mood up. They can obviously tell it gets to you.... so they continue.


Ya, I'm in Rocklin man! Yes, they are good, I just try not to eat that shit you know?


Ya, I love beans and rice, I guess I never thought of Jimboys as being "healthy".


Smoke some weed bru. Calm you down a little.

In all honesty, though, comments like "You're antisocial" and "you're too angry" probably don't come from people knowing that you lift....


Exactly, they continue because it irritates me. That's the funny thing about friends, they know what pisses you off and use it excessively.

I was just venting about how most people don't "get it".


You're allowed a break now and again. I think you should go with them one time, it'll get them off your back and hey who knows you might have some fun.


Ya my brother starting smoking pot at a young age, now his entire life is fucked. Not saying that's the case for all pot heads but it's a door I don't want to open.

Actually man, the two friends that say that say those phrases in an angry Arnold voice while pretending to do dumbell curls. So ya the only people that say it are reffering to me working out while saying that shit. It's strange.


It could also stem from them wanting you to come out with them. Go out with them, man. Shut them up. You can bring your meal with you, fuck it. Probably doesn't matter, whenever a group of people with something in common is together, they will always make fun of the stragglers that aren't like them. It's human nature. But it really could be because they want you to come out with them, as a social thing. Give it a shot.

In a way, you could look at the Arnold comparisons as a compliment, really. I mean, the man is extremely successful. So what if he SOUNDS weird cuz he's from another country, he definitely knows what he is doing.


go to disneyland man! do you have any other friends who are not fat and useless, perhaps lifting buddies or the like? if they piss you off that much why do you associate with them at all?


I understand but i can not see how you can not go out with your freinds and have fun. About the Aronld comments its a complement. Who the fuck cares. I too would think you were angry person if you just got mad for that. I get things like that all the time and i don't care at least i get attention. You do not want to look like them but they are happy going out and having fun. Trust me you do not want to be a weightlifter that never had a decent life and a girlfreind and not many just cause you weight train. You want to look good to get girls and to feel good.

I envy your dedication but going out will not hurt and maybe you are not antisocial if they consider you antisocial in this society it is antisocial. The truth of the matter is that those fat slobs are happy with their lifes even though they are fat(everyone has different interests)just like you. When you get to the point to when you do not drink that is just too much. Its having fun and going to partys nobody is saying you have to do it everyday and drink till you puke.


I can make most places a healthy choice, so calm down. You also don't have to broadcast your protein drinks, I've learned that using solid (not see through) calms the jokes down a lot. You can buy three or four of the shakers and put the protein in there before hand, pour in your liquid of choice. Drink up.


Dude, I have to sit next to one of them in a fucking office cubicle Monday through Friday 8-4:30.

I'm married with a 4 year old and 3 month old, so I don't get to hang out a whole lot. Although, come to think of it, I don't have any realiable lifting buddies or friends that are not fat and useless. It would be nice......


Change friends.