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Typical Conversation in the Bodybuilding Forum


This sort of shit goes on for pages.

I'd like to see something, about errr you know... Bodybuilding?

1: I bet you're hungry for that sweet piece of ass in floreliu's avatar...

2: Why does I get dragged into this :open_mouth:

3: Cuz like I said, I'm hungry4morewom....oh, oh wait. Sorry, the long flowing hair, slender figure and shit, had me...well...nevermind.

2: LOL

Ah yeah that's right haters. I forgot the bodybuilding forum is actually fucking 4chan.

Fuck off and leave this site.


That whole thread needs to be moved to GAL.

Did you really just tell both H4M and Waylander (undoubtedly two of the guys who have made the most progress on the forum) to fuck off and leave for one comment?
Cry me a fucking river. You're just mad that you've been called out recently.

If you're upset with the clutter in the BB forum, try to do something about it. (and before you say that I should instead, I bumped some of the better recent threads last night, so I already have).


This might the "Fucking worthless post of the year" award. If you're going to cry about something, at least make it legible. Or learn how to write out a conversation. I have no idea who's even speaking or what about.

You're a shitty writer.


have you given up trying to lift again yet?


You know what would be awesome?

If this thread turned into a real discussion about bodybuilding

I bet BruceLeeFan would explode with confusion


holy shit balls lmao


Hahaha dude, I REALLY do try to avoid being negative towards people when it isn't called for...but for real? How the fuck is someone like you, who's barely been training for what, 6 months, gonna criticize us for a few joking posts, when we consistently spend huge amounts of time helping others in their pursuits, sharing our knowledge (for free, no less), and doing whatever we can to help other fulfill their goals? GTFO. Quit talking such a big talk, and if you wanna be taken seriously, prove yourself with your actions, not worthless words.


Okay, you're clearly a mongoloid or English isn't your first language. Just send me a PM with whatever you want to say and I'll type it all out for you so you can post it yourself under your own name. I'm a motherfucking eloquent-sounding person, so you wouldn't go wrong by following my advice here.

For instance, if you would have just sent me your initial post ahead of time I could have cleaned it up a bit for you. It would have sounded something like this:

Random T-Nation member #1: I like to lift weights.

Random T-Nation member #2: So do I.

BruceLeeFan: I suffer from brain damage.


Sippin on that haterade


I lol'd


I think lifting weights and talking about lifting weights can be two mutually exclusive hobbies. While a lot of people on this forum are genuinely helpful, or genuinely care to engage in discussion regarding the different ways in which weight can be lifted, I think the majority don't actually lift - but prefer to be a part of some sort of community, even if it is only online - and has nothing to do with their actual interests.

On a side note, I've noticed that a lot of people tend to be very excited about lifting weights at first (this spark is what, I think, motivates people to lift continuously - despite a lack of protein or proper equipment or whatever - for years and years on end every single day, or at least on most days), and you'll notice a lot of people first getting into it who suddenly want to become coaches and whatnot (and apparently want to start developing their resume in the beginners forum, unfortunately), but then their interest fades and they usually re-discover their hobby years later.

I truly believe it is the ones who start lifting first (do not read the internet for ages - awaiting that day that they know everything - and do not await the perfect situation where they have all day to train and golden faucets spouting protein shakes) that make the most progress. They tweak and learn as they go, from the advice on the forum, from personal experience (which tends to be essential in injury avoidance). Shit, I lost my train of thought. Never mind..


I know I'm kind of random in here...

but damn, this the definition of backfire.


Wow . . . .

Lost all respect from OP right here. I can't believe you would talk about one of the most respected guys on the forum like that.


SRJoker of 2011


X1000, bruceleefan someone who looks like you has no business talking about anything bodybuilding related. Look at the T-Cell, you are the lazy dude who got called out, but you think because you started training seriously 2 weeks ago you can now call others out.


Seriously, it sounds like you have major problems.

I don't care about how you bulked.

I don't care about your past results (??).

I really don't give a flying fuck.

Maybe if you learned to lift and eat with discipline you'd learn some manners.


Yeah, the attitude that if we're having fun here then there are poor helpless children that are missing out on essential training information is silly.


OP has Syndrome of a Downs.


Sub out BruceLeeFan for Your Immortal in the TCell

Do it now! You cannot deny



Well played, sir. I guess if we want to talk training, I love putting System of a Down on shuffle while I'm at the gym.