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Typical American Competition?



I might be coming to the states in September for a bout 9 months and I'd love to compete in a comp. Was just wondering what a normal local/state comp is like?

Weight: 145kilos/320lbs
Height: 6ft

Ive got best lifts of

Bench: 120kg/265lbs
Squat: 180kg/395lbs
Front Squat: 140kg/310lbs
Dead: 280kg/620lbs
18inch trapbar: 380kg/840lbs
Clean: 120kg
BTN Jerk: 125kg

Ifsa Log: 120kg/265lbs
Yoke: 310kg/685lbs for 30m (turn at 15)
Farmers: 160kg/355lbs a hand for 25m
Stone: 132kg/392lbs to 4 feet

Training from today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPEEnvbjg90

Basically wondering if id be competitive in a decent comp at local/state level.


Never know till you try but looks good to me.


Depends on the contest. Based on your lifts, I'd say you'd be competitive in a gold or silver level competition, and would probably be able to handle most of the weights in a platinum contest.

Contests and events/weights are listed here: http://nastrongman.com/upcoming.html

Look at the ones in your area and figure out if you can handle them based on what's listed for your weight class.


I'd think you'd be fairly competitive, check out Marunde Muscle to fnd crews/gyms that have strongman equipment near you.


cheers guys.

Im currently 5th in Britain for Tested comps.

Not 100% sure were I will be based when and if I go to the states/canada.

Possibly ohio or vancouver at the minute.

Over here we have open/inter/novice - would than translate into gold/silver/bronze comps?



You've got some crazy ass numbers there. All over the place. 310 front squat but 620 DL!? Your log is better but I can't even understand how it is more than your bench unless you just haven't benched in a while.

I remember you from a while ago when you used to post regularly. Good work, man. Just thought I would say you seem to have the possibility of doing well looking at your stengths...


your numbers boggle me.... only a 395 squat but a 620 DL??? From those numbers in NAS comps. silvers and golds should be good, Vancouver... I know BC has a league but not too sure how comps. are in the the Vancouver area.

As for the log better than Bench, eh. mine right now sit about the same. I bench for shoulder and tricep strength, you also get a good push from your leg drive. I can see that.


Cheers buddy

I post more on UK strongman forums now

My nunbers are fucked.

Im due a max out on BackSquat soon. Hit a piss easy 160 x2 last week after a 270x2 trapbar.

Ive been on and off injured since November last year so not been getting much consistent training in.

In reply about the log, I have trained my jerk a lot, so I get most of it from my legs and dip.