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Types or Breast Implant Surgery


Hi Everyone at T-Nation.
I was hoping you could help me find a past T-Nation artical on breast implants. It was about a year ago or more. I went through all the archives back to 2005 and could not find it.
My fianc'e is considering breast agumentation and she is a very dedicated to weight and cardio training.

I remember the artical discussed the pros and cons of different types of surgery techniques, recovery times and other reccomendations for female body builders.
I was hoping you all could help find or direct me to other articals that can help her make the best decision for her.

Thank you!

Jon Y




I'd recommend going to www.figureathlete.com - loads of those girls have implants and should be able to advise your fiancee. There should be articles too. The ladies here are more about how much they lift, not how they look.


Thank You!


Thank You!


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