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Types of Test for TRT


HI Everyone new here, but not new to Low T supplementing..

I know the 2 commonly used tests for TRT are Cyp @ Enth, I know about Propionate being a short acting T and shots are required more often and can also be used with good results, I have been using T Enth for my shots twice weekly, this time I had run out of Enth and I used Omnadren 250 that I had, I did a 100mg shot same as I would do with enth , now I wish I wouldn't have of , I felt like shit,,

I have read in some parts of Europe they are using sustanon 250 which is similar to Omnadren 250 with 2 ester being different, my question is why did I feel like crap with the Omnadren 250? and what other types of Tests have been used with good results or can be used for TRT?


Should not be a major difference. Could it be fake?


no It definitely wasn’t a fake, I know a little about the fakes and how to spot them , as I have been in gyms all my life and being body builder competitor & personal fitness trainer, it just reacted differently with me since I have had Low T never before with same stuff, and was wondering why and if anyone else had the same experiences, even with the sustanon same type of reaction a little less of a crash, ill just stick with the ones the work enth & cyp …


I think I might of figured this out why the Omnadren 250 reacted in a bad way for me, I have food allergies do to having Candida from a long course of antibiotics I took for an infection, Testosterone’s are suspended in different types of oils , such as cottonseed oil, seasame seed oil, or other appropriate oils, some oils react badly with Candida and or me ,and can cause an allergic type of reaction, cottonseed oil would not be a good one for someone who has candida like myself with many food sensitivity, sesame seed oil would be good , that’s why my Enanthate goes well with me as it has seasame seed oil as a componet, I did my 2nd week shot today with Enanthate and no reaction…so I suspect the allergic type of reaction I had are from the different types of oils mixed in to the diffrerent types of testosterones…

most labs use cottonseed oil as a componet in Cypionate and seasame oil in Enanthate …cottonseed oil is an omega 6 oil that is not neccesary classified as a good oil, more bad, and for people with food allergies multi symptoms.,that also might explain why some users I read and delt with in gyms get rashes/itchyness/hives at injection sites ,Enanthate also does better for me then Cyp…not sure what oil was in the omnadren I used… but it did react in an alergic type of way…