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Types of Splits


I was wondering how many different types of splits which are currently being utilized effectively.

To name some off,
Body Part Split

Obviously there are many different approaches for each of these classifications. I going to try explore some ways.

Anyone feel free to add to this. Time to take a nap.

-The Truth


vertical plane/horizontal plane/quad dominant/hip dominant

explosive upper/fullbody
expolsive lower/fullbody


O yeah, Exercise split. Like a Squat Day, followed by a Bench Day, followed by a Chin day.

Does anyone know if one can setup a split like this, while working on the other muscle groups as well?

I.E Some Upperbody work on Squat Day

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Guys, we all know the best split is:



I was wondering if anyone was utilzing an "Exercise Split" right now. If so, would you mind sharing it?

I was thinking of:
Monday: Bench & Clean Day
Wed: Squat Day
Friday: Military day

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Sounds like OLAD to me.


yes and sure...

wednesday: squat and shit that helps make my squat stronger

saturday: bench and shit that helps make my bench stronger

sunday: deadlift and shit that helps make my deadlift stronger

on the big three lifts I do 5 reps or less...

on accessory and supplemental exersizes I generally stay in the 8-12 rep range...

on the days that I don't lift weights I like to go on walks...if it's raining out I walk on the treadmill in my house...


Thanks DPH,

I like to work a specific movement structure more than once a week, and was wondering if it were possible to structure an exercise split, that allows some accessory work for certain muscle groups that aren't ness. part of the "Exercise of the day".

Something like, Upperbody work on a Squat day.

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I was wondering if anybody utilized a Full Body Approach, with Main lifts and Assistance lifts in different rep ranges.

Bench Press 5-3-1
Row Variation 3-4x6-8
Pressing Variation 3-4x6-8
Squat 5-3-1
Step Ups 3-4 x 6-8
GHR 3-4 x 6-8

It looks pretty taxing

-The Truth


I am of the opinion that you can split things up just about any way you want...

for me, I have found that controlling the overall volume that I do in a week (so that I don't become over-trained)is much more important than how I split exersizes up...

for instanse...sometimes I work upper back on deadlift day...sometimes I work upper back on bench day...sometimes I work upper back on both days...I've even worked upper back on my squat day...

in fact, I've done so many different combinations of workouts throughout the years that have worked that I've come to the conclusion that just about way you organize your training can work...as lone as you absolutely kick-ass in the gym, eat plenty of healthy foods, and get enough rest to recover properly...

if you like doing full body routines then do it...

if you like using the westside templet (or modified westside templet) then do it...

if you like old school body building routines then do that...


but make sure to bust your ass working out, chow down, and then get all the rest you need to recover...

p.s. if you play a particular sport you will need to get in plenty of sport-specific training to learn how to use the strength you gain in the gym to your advantage 'on the playing field'...

anyhoo...that's my $.02


I've been trying something like the following lately:

Other leg work

Other back work
Other arm work



Other posterior work



If I'm doing more volume in total, I'll add in some other work or perhaps squeeze in the non-compound work again when it isn't the day before a related compound lift.

A "high volume" week recently went like this...

Squats, quads, hams, shrugs, lat raises

Chins, pullovers, rows, curls

Bench, dips, hams, lat raises

Standing press, cardio

Incline DB press, deadlift, shrugs, hams.

So, as you can probably see, lifts on areas that need work are added in whenever a muscle feels good and isn't primarily used in a compound lift the next day.

Compound lifts are at lower rep ranges while isolation work is at higher rep ranges.

Finally, I'm not claiming this is a good plan or anything, but I have the time to spend in the gym these days and I'm enjoying it...



Thats pretty much, like what I was talking about. Looks good. The only problem is that frequency is somewhat limited.

Here is a total body approach I thought of, dunno if it's "good" or not, so ill just post it all see what you guys think.

1. Half Bench of Power Rach 3-4x3
A1. CGBP 4-6x4-6
A2. Row Variation 4-6x4-6
2. Squat
B1. Split Squats

I will be trying up Vary the intensity of the Core lifts, through out the week. Not necc. a heavy medium light. I will be working in the 85-90-95 percentages, hoping to increase ME frequency. As for the assistance work, undulating will be employed.

-The Truth