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Types of Pullups

Hi, quick question over the different grips with pulls ups.

I know you have palms facing you, chin up which apparently works your biceps more than back.

Then your palsm facing away, pull ups, which work your back more.

but what about hurricane pull ups (as I’ve heard them) where your palms are facing each other? What is their benefit?


Just like doing hammer curls I imagine.

they’re all useful

First, I agree with cyph31 - they are all useful. At the same time, I believe you are right about palms towards you verses palms away. In regards to palms facing, I believe (and feel when doing them) that they are a hybrid fo the other two options. I actually really like them as I feel they hit bi’s and back at the same time.

Which author said that chin-ups actually are a better exercise for your back that pull-ups?

And chin-ups don’t work biceps more than back, they are just involved more.


Here is the link:


It’s number 8 at the end.