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Types of Protein


My 4 year old is allergic to milk, so whey protein is off limits. I know soy is good in small doses, but shouldn't be taken in concentration due to the phyto-estrogens... Don't want him growing in the wrong places.

He can eat eggs, so we tried an egg-based protein. I don't know why, since real eggs aren't a problem, but he had an allergic reaction to that too.

So... Any other options out there? Or do we just keep cans of tuna in stock?


Anything that had parents.


Give that son bitch a nice 32oz fillet steak and everything will be a-ok


Chicken? Fish? Red meat? It's possible to eat just those 3 and grow just fine without whey, soy or eggs.


That's the spirit.


Why would a 4 year old need protein supplements?


He is obviously already training for the O. Way to set goals for yourself, little one!


Many doctors will tell you that a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter and/or a couple slices of cheese is enough for kids that age. Dairy allergy is tough.

If eggs aren't a problem, then you shouldn't worry so much. Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, "over easy" and dippy toast. French toast. You can hide eggs as an ingredient in lot of foods.

Peanut butter, nut butters
Whole grain breads, pastas, panckakes
Edamame, peas, green beans (any number of ways to make these 'kid friendly' if they don't like them)
baked beans, fried beans, refried beans

Hell, if you managed to get any of that in a 4 year old, they're probably getting more quality protein than a large part of the planet.



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Just use soy and supplement him with Rez-V to counter the effects. Might add Alpha Male to be on the safe side.
He's gonna beat the crap out of other kids for sure.


Young boys like that MUST avoid phytoestrogens at all cost. DO NOT feed him any soy whatsoever unless you want to guarantee him gynocomastia.

Meat of any source will be more than adequate.


Have him eat whole foods, a dairy allergy isn't the end of the world.




I agree that there is no reason for a 4 year old to need protein supplements. Whole foods should work just fine even if you have to work around an allergy.


He doesn't need them. And I certainly don't plan to put him on any kind of weightlifter's diet. But there are two reasons I want to give him a bit more protein:

1) All kids like to do what their parent's do. And where it is healthy, I like to let him. He actually works out, and asks for protein because he sees me drinking it. I could give him rice milk and call it protein, but what the heck. Why not give him a 1/4th dose of the real thing?

2) His diet is pretty low in protein. Some kids have to be forced to eat green beans. He has to be forced to eat meat. He's a pretty reasonable kid and will eat some because we tell him it's good for him. But I'd feel better if we got a little more protein into him.


Good advice... We can't take all of it, as he is also allergic to peanuts, but the point is taken. Basically you are saying, just make sure he gets as well rounded of diet as possible considering the allergies and it will work out. Probably true. By the way, we have talked to our doctor. He said about the same thing you said.