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Types of Prescription Test Available in Australia?


Gday mate how you been travelling , update from the office of DrZ , he wasn’t keen on prescribing me test Cyp from the Compounding pharmacy he said can’t garauntee quality , so hoping they will accept my Primo script when they start compounding test Enan , otherwise it’s Sustanon for a while $$$$$$$


Yeah mate I got my enanthate vial yesterday! He explained the reasoning behind not prescribing compounded test, basically the nanny state is out to get him and it’s too risky for him, even though there is no logic behind it and all he ever does is try to do the best thing for patient health and follow international standards responsibly. Just another example of Aus being behind the times. Luckily they are allowed to accept primoteston scripts because it’s unavailable.

How’d you go with your e2?


Yeah it’s a let down when it comes to TRT support in Aus , lucky we found a half reasonable Dr , my E2 came back at 32 so it’s confirmed to be creeping up , have been prescribed AI but like you am hesitant to take it , am going to split my 250mg into 4 doses and try 2 x a week rather than e5d see if my E2 lowers that way first , Test E vial hey sounds great :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Guys the tip i have now, and the path i will be going down. Anti-aging clinics that focus on sports science.

Some of them actually compound their own products. You work with them and explain your goals, explain what substances you believe you require. They do some blood work to cover their ass. Then prescribe.

Hgh included if you are over 30.

Low hgh doses 2-3iu can held with libido and ed.

Ill be going this path in the coming months, i think im going to blast first whilst i can only source from ugl atm. The doctors made me haha


Cool man, I’ll be keen to hear how you go. I’m guessing they’ll charge an arm and a leg. Do you need a referral to see them? Where is the one you’re referring to? Melb?


Moonie ponds. Is the one i have spoke to.

250$ to get the ball rolling and get a script or 2.


I’ve been there previously… don’t have many great things to say unfortunately. but generally more than happy to provide what you need and then some


Ahhh really, thats no good. Whats the story?


I shared my experience about it on another post previously. I went there initially when finding out I was fucked with my hormones etc. Asked my mates who cycle who is knowledgeable on the subject n they told me to go there.
At the time I didn’t know any better, so was glad I found someone who I believed could help.
Was put on
HCG 500iu daily
Hexarelin daily forget exact dose
Nolvadex daily forget exact dose
Sarms s22 post work out…
initially felt great, but all turned to shit a couple of weeks in. Estrogen was up at the 300 mark, so was then given letrozole that crashed me down to like 15.

funny thing was my mate also went in with different issues to me but was also placed on exact same protocol…

Was told in a few months u will be all fixed up etc etc…
knowing what I know now I could have used/approached it very differently as it’s very easy to get whatever you need


Ahhhh that sucks man, i love S22 i use to pin it bilaterally IM every session in the gym into each muscle. I could have to pin 6 or 8 times within a few mins. It was hard as each time the needle became blunt.

Ill keep them in mind, one of the other clinics told me a ugl their customers are using atm so im thinking of blasting then sorting it out after that.